Thursday 12 April 2012

Recent tear sheets

Another one of these blog posts...

One comes up every month or so as the pile of magazines I have stuff in beside my desk gets to large to ignore, got a few more coming up in next months batch of magazines but they will make it in to the next one of these posts.

This month we have a few Ads I shot for Genesis bikes, Saracen bikes, few things in MBR, Dirt and MBRider Germany and a few other bits and bobs...

Take a look...

First up are few of the Ads that have had my images on them in various magazines over the last month or so... 

Ad for the new Saracen Ariels running in all the mags
Ad for the Saracen DH team and Myst bike again in most magazines
Genesis bikes Ad
Another Genesis bikes Ad
Dartmoor cycles Ad

Now a few tear sheets from MBR and Dirt etc:

Sw article in Dirt
Contents page of MBR
Big picture in MBR
Shot to go with Josh Brycelands article in Dirt
Snap shot of Sam Reynolds in Dirt
Dirt SW bit again
Double page spread of stuff in the latest Random mag
Now that last one is worth more than just an image caption, the new Random is stunning!

Its like a work of art, if you like bikes, nice photos, nice magazines etc then its a must have.

Stunning work from all the best MTB camera nerds in the world, all in an amazing quality thick book, great print, great colours, and THE best photos from the world of bikes from the last year... GET IT!

Then the Danny Hart interview I shot with MTBrider Germany magazine while I was up shooting for Locals2...

Its so nice when you go and shoot with someone so well  known and in the public eye as Danny was only months after his "run" that when you see it all end up in a greatly laid out article in a large magazine, it just makes it that much better... 

Anyway Thanks to all the people at these magazines for liking my work enough to run it, long may in continue! 

Ta J

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