Wednesday 21 November 2018

Lighting BTS from a few recent shots

Recently here at Aspect we have been shooting some stills photography for various friends and clients using a range of lighting kit and after posting one or two up on social media thought i would answer a few people at once with this blog with some more info on the set ups used, kit and thought process behind the shots.

So first off I will get the nerdy kit questions out the way. All images are shot on the Canon 5D4 body with a range of Sigma art and Canon L glass. Edited in adobe LR and PS.

So lights wise we have a set of Elincrom Quadra lights. The ELB400 battery pack and the Quadra HS and Pro heads, while using their Canon on camera trigger that supports high speed flash sync allowing us to shoot flash at high shutter speeds, more on why that's great later. The flash receiver is located in the battery pack and allows me flash sync at up to 1/8000th of a second. 
The ElincromQuadra kit. The heads on the left, battery pack and trigger above.
So the Elinchrom Quadra lighting kit is amazing, can out power the sun, shoots hi-sync etc. While for a proper studio quality set of lights its crazy small and portable, its still no match for the humble speed light. Enter my battered and bruised but still working like the day I got them Nikon SB800s. Ill explain...
Nikon SB800 flashgun with the extra battery on the side and the Elinchrom Skyport receiver.
So many moons ago I used to shoot with Nikon cameras, and when I did I got myself a couple of nice Nikon SB800 flash guns, I then discovered they could clip an extra battery on the side to increase their power and recharge times. When you couple their super small, light weight form factor, with the fact that they can light most stuff, most of the time, especially if its dark woods etc and they are the go to for most simple shoots, and why change them for another brand when they work 100% for what I need. ( I got myself a Canon flash as well for use on camera when shooting weddings and corporate gigs etc ) The flash gun and SKyport receiver is limited to 1/200th of a second flash sync.

The main things to consider when choosing which lighting kit to use are: Size, Weight, Power, Flash sync speeds and size of light modifiers I can attach to both lights.

So that's the kit, and now lets take a look at one or two images and what went into making them lights wise:

Shot 1: 

So in this first shot the aim was a shot of Ben doing his thing for him to use on his website and in his marketing. The shot wanted to be pro looking and so I wanted to play with the nice natural light coming in the windows at the top of the room and flash light.
Ben Plenge in his gym.
So the light on the left was hidden behind the gym kit as not to be in shot, and was the SB800 on around 1/8th power just to pick him off the background. As soon as I use the SB800 the image is limited via flash sync to a shutter speed of 1/200th, which inside was absolutly fine. The light on right was the Quadra with a 100cm Octabox on at around 3 power setting.

Shot 2:
Scotty Hamlin at Dean Lane skate park, Bristol.
A slightly simpler set up for this one as it only needed the one light, but it had to be the Quadra kit as we where shooting outside on a sunny day and so not only did we need the power of that kit, but also the high flash sync to fully freeze the rider. Shot on full power and the light is up on the deck of the quarter. Shutter speed for this was around 1/1600th.

Shot 3:
Rowan Sorrell and some smoke bombs.
I have had a few shots in my head for a while now and this was one of them. I had some smoke bombs waiting for just the right shoot and the stars aligned. The light was streaming in through the trees, Rowan was warmed up and we had the shot without smoke dialled in, so I ran around like a mad man for a few seconds, scrambled back to the camera and fired off this frame before the smoke dissipated. Light wise there is a SB800 on the lip of the jump to catch his silhouette, and the main light on the right just out of frame is the 100cm Octabox Quadra.

Shot 4:
Nice and simple, 2 cross light set up. The left hand light was the key Quadra Octabox and the light on the right was the SB800 just filling in the shaddows.

Thanks for reading and as ever the best place to keep up with what we are up to is on our social channels. Jacob