Friday 25 April 2008

Some skating shots

Hi was down the local skate park with a load of my mates last night and got some shots of skating. now this was the first time i had shot any skating and it was all natural with just my camera the 50 prime and the sun. i am really happy with a few and got a few portraits of my mates aswell that i think worked ok.

here is a montage of 2 shots of my friend. for more see ym flickr stream here:

Intense/crc team site

Hi a few of the better shots from the shoot with Matt simmonds on the crc/intense team are now in in a gallery on there website . theres the link to the gallery.


Monday 14 April 2008

Combe syd winter final

Hi had a long , damp day at combe yesterday for the winter series final. got some good shots of almost everyone racing some good some not so good but thats the way it goes.

All photos are mass edited in bulk so are not as good as they could be. if you see one you may be interested in buying email me and i will individualy edit that one to show you what they will look like propperly. dont ask me to do that unless you may actualy buy one though , waste of time other wise.
(if gallery is not working go back the next day early as posible as daily bandwidth has been exeeded)

here are 2 that have been individualy edited:
one of rich tohomas and one of olly hooper