Saturday 3 January 2015

Website updates for 2015!

That time of year has come round where everything gets an early spring clean and refresh. The new show reel is in the edit at the moment and should be ready in a few weeks, but in preparation for that we have given the website a make over. 

Not a total re design but more an evolution.

We worked with James Webber who has done all our sites ( both Aspect and Personal ) and have made the whole site more graphical, larger images, updated clients lists, about us text and the still images page. Not a "new" site but more a total revamp and update. 

As ever James smashed it and we are really happy with how its come out. Go have a look around and explore and like I say, keep an eye out in the next month for the much over due show reel.


New Blood - Southwest

There are still riders out there that no one has heard of, they've never been in a video or photo shoot , don't do any MTB contests and yet still shred. For the first time here are two riders from the South West of the UK, Tom Isted (Mongoose BMX pro team rider) and Jasper Flashman ( FMX background )

South West new blood from Aspect Media on Vimeo.

Shot on the Panasonic GH4 with Metabones speed booster Mk1, Canon glass ( 70-200 2.8, 25-105 f4 and 11-16 2.8 )

Then Tripod, Glidecam and Jib.

Simple small light set up easily carried down to the spot by me and one bag. Filmed/shot photos for about 3 hours, then about another half day editing.

Tom and Jasper. Heaps of skill and balls to match, sure you will be seeing more of them.

They have been busy the last few months down at my old local spot in Tavistock, Devon building some big jumps and making some stuff worthy of shooting. There are plans to do a LOT more than is in this video so when its all finished expect a bigger better edit with some big names invited down to ride.

Tom showing he isnt just at home on jumps, wait till he gets a real DH bike and he will rip.

This was a personal project. I said to them set aside a day over the Christmas break and we could shoot something just for the hell of it. Nice to shoot stuff with no client input or control, with people who just love riding and could use some exposure. An afternoons shooting and this little edit and few photos are the out come.

Jaspers FMX back ground does him well on the DH bike.