Thursday 30 October 2008

Mount hawke

Few guys from our local youth cafe went on a trip to a great indoor skate park down in cornwall called mount hawke.

was to much fun riding so camera wasnt out for that long but go some ok ones.

all taken with one flash no more than arms length from camera. ( as i was holding it )

anyway all taken with my fish eye as i had to be close to the subject as i couldnt set up light stands in such a busy park....... enjoy:

Monday 27 October 2008

Long time no post!

Sorry for the very distinct lack of posts as of late but i have had lots of school work to do , started a new job and have been taking photos for a number of things ( and partying ha ).

1: been working in the darkroom in school a lot working on contrast , dodging and burning and toning images all in the dark room and i am very happy with how that went and will get a pic of the prints up soon.

2: Have been taking photos of craftsmen for my A level ( potters , see a few posts back , carpenters , welders etc ) and researching other photographers and that's 1 of 3 A levels ha
3: small news for most , big news for me , first shot published in Dirt on its way ha! ( not a big shot)

4: and have been working on getting a cover for the latest issue of Wide Open magazine.
had the brief "autumn" so here are a few that i have got that i can put up , best few are kept back for the cover shortlist.

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Whats in my bag?

Taken on my phone so excuse the terrible quality but just thought people may like to know what i am working with. the main weak point is the body and it is fast dieing and i can see a point in the next year or so when i will be forced to get a new camera not just want one.

Sunday 12 October 2008

My dads pottery series

A series of photos for my photography A level of my dads pottery and him throwing pots. some of the whole shed/studio , him and some close up portraits of his hands.

will have a few more series from carpenters , welders etc

Woodlands 12th

Sorry for no updates for a little while but not been out taking photos. no reason just found other things to do. anyway:

Went out today to ride and build new tracks really but took the camera to get a few quick shots. not grat and all with 15mm fish and natural loght other than the portrait which was with the 50mm. just wanted to go out , ride , have a good day and get 1 or 2 photos to try show that fun. think they are happy.
and these ones where taken by a mate RYAN BRAGG