Thursday 29 May 2008

Some shots from Gawton

Hi went out shooting for the last time before i head off to scotland for the world cup today with a few mates of mine. they are both shit hot and fast as shit off a shovel and make for some good shots. here are 2 of my favs of each of them. more can be found in the gallery.


Published work

Right well i updated the welcome page on my site with a list of clients and added a gallery of some of the work i have had published. the gallery can be found here:

thanks jacob

Wednesday 28 May 2008

New shoes!

Hi i got some nice new shoes a few days ago and had a day of rain and got very bored so thought id try some still life stuff and they where as good an object as any. so here are my fav 3.


Sunday 18 May 2008

Few from Cann woods and local track

Hi right i have been busy snapping this weekend , dispite the huge ammount of revision im supposed to be doing :s anyway sat night went up chagford to Ash mullanes track and got a few shots there and sunday went out local tracks for a ride and got the camera out for 15 mins and got these few shots. heavy use of my new fish eye/wide lens as like every photographer , new lens = lots of shots with it for a few days ha
few shots from sunday ( local track ) :
few shots of ash and mono ha from chagford:

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Ash Mullane shoot

Went out Cann woods in Plymouth last night to shoot for monos new dvd footoutflatout. got a lot of good shots , here are some of the better ones. For a few more shots see the gallery. ta Jacob

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Few shots of Matt Simmonds in the gallery

Few shots of Matt Simmonds been added to the gallery now and more can be found in a gallery on the team crc intense page ( link about 4 posts back in the news ) ta

Joe Smith

Right i had a shoot with Joe Smith who is on the new Tomac team this season a month or so ago and was holding pics back in case of sale, but as per usual no interest ha so here they are.
will have some of Matt Simmonds up soon.

check the gallery for the shots. here is one of my favs: