Monday 29 December 2008

My year .... very short version

Right i have had an amazing year as far as photography is concerned really not anything like
what i want and will acheive if i can help it...but a good start.

I have been everwhere so it seems ( well everywhere in the uk ) from all corners of wales , scotish highlands , all over the palce litteraly so has been a fun year.

Have also had my first printed magazine cover shot , first stuff published in Dirt had lots more work in wideopen , so not all to bad really.

Here are just a few of my Fav images from personal work i have done.

Images from shoots and events further down.

I have been all over the palce from Races , to the Fort Bill WC , Red Bull Empire of dirt etc
and they have all been amazing ! some great experience , met some amazing people and walked away with what i think are some amazing images

Just a few from those:

I have also been working with a mate of mine Aaron "mono" bartlett a good deal this year going on a lot of shotos for his First DH mtb dvd so that has been amazing and i got all the cover art work and some amazing photos.

Just a few of my favs from the filming of FOFO: of Rowan Sorrel , Sam Dale , Ash Mullane , Alex Bond , Joe Smith , Matt Simmonds , just some of the amazing riders i have worked with this year ... Thanks guys

Anyway , Thanks for looking at this blog ( thats if anyone does look at this ) let me know what you think , always nice to get some crit.
Thanks and lets hope 09 brings what 08 did and plenty more.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Food for your mind this christmass

Happy christmass even though for some reason im lacking festive cheer... just doesnt feel like a normal christmass for some reason ha

o well , lots of happyness about , presents , good food who cares.

Just a video i saw on Tim Kemples blog:

a lot of amazing things to think about there....

Wednesday 17 December 2008

PhotoBox Gallery

Hey , I have revamped my Pro Gallery on

PhotoBox is a site where you can go and buy any of the prints on the site directly and get them posted to your door. they do some amazing deals as well so get on and check it out.

If there are any images you have seen anywhere else i have taken either on this blog , else where on the site or on any other sites please dont hesitate to contact me and i can either do you a print or add it to the photobox gallery so you can order it from there.

Anyway.....The gallery:

Sunday 14 December 2008

Some Rare shots of me riding

Right some rare photos of me behind bars.

I have been riding for 5 years , thats 2 more than i have been taking photos so its nice to finaly get some good shots of me riding , i am always the other side of the lens.

Taken by a mate of mine Will harvey , heres his Flickr:
some great skate photography on there.

anyway enjoy :

Tuesday 9 December 2008


Some more photos of my mates running about with toy guns trying to look dangerous.

Sorta works , pretty happy with the lighting.

Got some better ideas in the pipe line , may take a month to get them done mind.

Anyway here they are , fred , joe and boris... thanks guys ha

Sunday 7 December 2008

Nice Misty woods

Some nice shots from out the woods today

was to much fun riding all the time so only a few shots of the nice mist.

was amazing weather , cold and crisp and as winter whould be.

anyway , here you go.

Sunday 30 November 2008

Woodlands Race

Some shots from woodlands today

was another race on so was a load of people out.

got some shots i am really happy with and a few i am not sure look better more or less edited ?

more shots of a good few people so email me to see if i got you.

let me know what you think ?