Wednesday 29 April 2009

A level work , and some bubba scrubs!

Right well i went out to some local woods today to shoot for my up and coming A level exam instead of going to normal lessons i had this monring. all worked out im glad to say... went out got the shots i needed for school , plus some more of Ash mullane , he is the local semi pro rider who pins it everywhere on his bright orange bike.

A real photogenic guy on the bike , hard to take a shit photo of him.

Anyway , taken with the 50mm , 15mm , and 80-200 with between 1-3 wireless flashes.

Comment with what you think...

Friday 24 April 2009

20" dusty trails

Went up to some new trails in tavi today , had to do some photos for school work , and for the local council as we are getting some big purpose built trails in town and they wanted some photos of what we ride now.

AAAAAAnyway! some photos , nothing to amazing as i was running on 1 flash after opening my bag after a week to find i had left 2 on ... Woops?

Sunday 19 April 2009

GOON riding up the trails!

Sorry its not a nice post full of nice photos, but just some of me and my mate Goon riding up a small set of local trails , SO fun to look like a TWAT!

Im the one in the troy lee top. And i can style honest. last photo is me on the big bike trying to look respectable haha


really OOF but still shows whats going on ha NOT TAKEN BY ME !

and one of me trying to look ok ha

Will post some more nice photos when i take some ha

Thursday 16 April 2009

Bests from Spain trip

Right if you look back a few posts you will see soem photos from my recent trip to spain shooting with mono for FOFO2 with Dhspain , tom deacon and harry heath.

Anyway had to keep all the bests back for stuff. now can put them up. so here is my fav.... and i link to about 30 odd more stonkers !

get on it !

Anyway go look...NOW!

Sunday 5 April 2009

Rare shots of me riding , and some trails shot with the new 80-200

Right , first post in a while not realted to spain.

Was out riding today , for all of an hour untill i realised riding DH was to much effort and sat up the trails with the bbq and the radio and took a few snaps ha

Anyway some rare photos of me riding my big bike first:

And a few shots of My mate joe riding up WJ trails this afternoon , one of 2 sets of trails near me that are both growing all the time. you will see lots mroe trails shots over the summer trust me.

both taken on my nice new nikon 80-200 2.8 that came while i was in spain ( sods law i know )

thats all for now...

Saturday 4 April 2009

Few more of the worst,bests from Spain

Right as i still cant put up any of the real bangers as they are being held back for mags/companys etc , here are just a few of the worst ones , from the huge hoard of good photos from the shoot in spain with DHspain with Harry Heath and Tom Deacon for FOFO2.

So here they are:

I wont bother with captions , if its a blue tee its mono , race kit its Baz , just look at the photos ha: