Sunday 17 June 2007

NEW LENS!!!! Woodlands 17/6/07

Hi just got back from a day taking a few pics but fixxing up tracks mainly. got my new 18-70 yesterday so was mint to try that out and im so happy with it , nice and sharp. here are the only 2 decentish pics i got. not brill but the riders where all a bit dark clothed.

Sunday 10 June 2007

Summer at tavi woods

Hi been out today for the first dh ride for the last 3 months , good weather and good company make it all good haha got a few pics. here are 2 favs.

Friday 1 June 2007

Tavi woods

Hi just got back from a knakering days shooting with mono ,kiddy and alex bond. Was a mint day and got a lot of good shots , i wil be keeping a few back in case of mag use but here are 2 of my favs.

both af alex bond.