Saturday 31 January 2009


Will have photos from it tomorow after i go for a photo/video shoto with james mathews out at gawton.

but first impresions are very very nice camera for the money.

few things that would be nice but its such a leap up from the d50 , really is.

good things shall come of this ha

just letting anyone that cares know.

ps: Hey Jake L W from the party haha ( got chatting to some random guy at the pub and turns out he knew who i was from my site and follows the blog ! crazy ! )

Saturday 24 January 2009


Just a Tee design i knocked up , local youth committee set up to try get some bmx trails in our town needed some tee shirt designs making so i thought i would have a pop

not bad for 5 mins work i think.... not amazing but i would wear it

Monday 12 January 2009

Few shots from Fort Bill last year

As i dont have a camera at the moment to get otu and shoot some fresh stuff i have been driven to searching the hard drive for shots i missed the first time round.
I also fanceyed editing some photos a tad to much tonight instead of revising for exams i have in a week or so ha
Anyway just 2 for now , any luck i wont do this again and will get some fresh stuff up when my camera gets to me ( thurs , fri )
Joe Smith:

Andrew Neethling:

Nikon D50 long term views

Right now without going on and on and ranting here is how the Nikon D50 copes with shooting outdoor sports such as MTB, BMX, Climbing, Running etc

To start this camera did me amazingly well and I got this as my first ever DSLR and it got me my first published shots , covers , magazine work , commercial shoots so it did me DAM well and really made me decide what to do with the rest of my I owe this camera a lot.

Out in the field (sounds so OTT, really in the woods ha) I haven’t had any real problems with any of the camera; it has been a solid performer all the time and delivered everything I expected from it and more every time.

Even though it doesn’t have the new metal body and weather proofing of the D300 etc I have never found this to be much of a problem , if you know its gona be wet get some sandwich bags over it , or hide it in your coat ??? I have dropped it a good few times over the years I had it and it only gave up the fight after I took a BIG fall so it’s tough.

IQ (image quality) has been amazing and I have done plenty of A3 prints from this and they look great and have heard lots of people say 20x30 prints still look good so the MP (megapixel) race isn’t all that important. It has fair noise although I found any higher than 200,400 and they were a little too bad, but I have used the noise of 1600 lots of times to give a gritty hard look to images like this:

Price of them now is pushing £150 notes which is just amazing when you think about what you get:

It was the last beginner camera Nikon made with a focusing motor in the body which means it can auto focus with any AF lens ( D40/60 can’t do this ) and for this reason alone I would take it over both those cameras.

All my Len’s wouldn’t work with AF without the internal focus motor so it has been great as the Len’s with the AF motor in the lens , are much heavier, and more expensive.


I am FAR from the first person to say this but it is so true, new body’s come out every year, the lens stay the same largely for YEARS ....invest in the best glass you can possibly get. It makes great images not the body.

Anyway that about all you need to know, built nice and tough, good IQ, good ISO (but don’t push it) CHEAP! , can auto focus with ALL AF lens’s ....what more can you ask for £150???

Wednesday 7 January 2009

New camera!

As some of you , not to many may know about 3 weeks ago my camera broke and as they don't make the D50 anymore i got a D90 instead!

Not a D3/700 as I would ideally like but a definite upgrade so look out for some much cleaner images and more importantly i am going to start trying my mitts at some video as it has the feature i may as well try?

Anyway some time in the near future i am going to do some posts about my particular work flow routine , as well as a few things about how both the D50 and the D90 handle shooting out door sports hands on , and with the D50 at least with 2 years of SOLID use to base my views on.

so yeah , just a heads up really as what to expect , write ups on both those cameras , about my work flow and some vids !

Not to bad eh.