Sunday 29 January 2012

Devon Winter Loam - Photos/Edit

Weathers cold, wet, and when you can find some loam all those things equal damn good riding...

With that in mind me and a couple of my mates Si and Jimmy hit up this track and did a bit of building, few full runs and I did a bit of shooting to try out a few ideas I have had in the editing department.

I just got Magic colour grading software, so wanted to try that out, I know this is a quite a heavy grade but Its what I had in mind. I also wanted to try working slightly more carefully with audio which if you listen carefully to a few shots in this I have tried to do. More of that to come in my show reel soon...

Anyway enjoy a short video, and a few photos...


Monday 23 January 2012

Locals2 - In full Both Parts

As I'm sure if your on this blog you already know , but this off season I made my second full length free web video - Locals2.

With it all wrapped up etc and well on its way to 100,000 views it did alright.

Anyway Thought I would update my blog with part 2, and also embed part 1 so you can watch them both back to back nice a easily...

Locals2 - Part 1 on

And Part 2 ...

Locals2 - Part 2 on

Let me know what your thoughts are and what I should consider for Locals3 ( if it ever happens )

Ta J

Saturday 21 January 2012

Summer Euro road trips and the Capital...

Bit of a using up whats left in the fridge kind of post now...few photos that I shot with my shit old stock lens and my old D90 while on the road in Europe for a month this summer just gone. France,Italy,Switzerland,Germany etc between a few races, 5 of us in 1 van all with bikes etc, good times!

Anyway, few photos from that trip, just snap shots really but show what its like on the road and a bit of where I went that month, and then a few photos I took while in London the other week just after the London Bike Show. I was mainly shooting timelapeses but also shot a few normal photos here and there...So like I said, nothing bike related really, but just some nice photos that didn't seem to fit anywhere else...

Somewhere in the Alps, when you can snap this from the van you know your in the right kinda place
Mont Blanc just giving us a glimpse of its head
Al "Top Gun" Bond trucking
Lake Garda, the best place I have ever been...
Excuse all the dead bugs, but not a bad view to have from the van ?
Rural Northern Italy, nice...
The unseen reality of a month on the road following the WCs, 5 people, 7 bikes, all our gear, in the summer, with 3000 miles to cover...this is also after a big night out so we are all hanging to boot...

 Anyway fast forward 6 months, and I'm not in the back of a van going round Europe in the sunshine, but I'm in the very cold, but still sunny London for a few days, so have some photos of that...

Canary Wharf Tube station, so many rich people in such a small space ha
Nelsons Column in the evening sun
Tower Bridge looking all British and stuff
Some big shiny buildings
Big Ben from the square
Now under ground, a maze of concrete and pipes
people busy rushing for trains
crowds on there way in and out of the stations like sheep
Billy no mates wait for the doors to open
Some old cranes down in east London docks at sunset
Snap of Canary Wharf from Greenwich park

 Another post on Locals2 now its all wrapped up, some more tear sheets, and a few portraits I took not to long ago all in the blog post pipeline. Keep it locked, Ta J

Monday 16 January 2012

Bit of recent published work/Tear sheets...

Going to be doing a few of these posts over the coming weeks with everything that's been in print over the last few months, but in this first one is a lot of the work I have done for Saracen Bikes and Genesis bikes over the last few months.

As any of you who follow my work will know I worked with the Madison/Saracen DH team a lot this last season and so have had a lot of work go in to the new 2012 Saracen Catalogue. I saw it for the first time the other day down at the London bike show and I am stoked on it. The graphics guys at Madison always do a great job at making my images look there best and this is no different. Shots from a few shoots and races over the year went in, so take a look at some of them...

The back page is a sweet golden light roost shot on the new 2012 Ariel
Shredding some single track in the autumn
Manons custom Wchamps graphics
Bar the bmx shot in the bottom left, A sweet montage of my shots in the middle from various shoots and races

Harry pushing up threw the jumps at Woburn
Shot of Harry on the new Ariel at Woburn
Jack on the red run at Ft Bill
Andy on the new Mantra bikes at a shoot near MK
Sick race shot of Phil at Llangollen
Cool layout with a few shots from the Wchamps
More golden hour light...
Jack pinning at a small race at Aston Hill
Again more golden hour short trav shredding, 2 riders in this one, back rider hidden in the fold a little though...

As well as all of that in there which as I'm sure you agree looks sick, was a few of my images blown up to the size of a house ( OK almost ) on the Madison stall at the London Bike Show, Now they had a pretty strong presence at the show with a huge stall, and my images covered the walls of it, so pretty rad really! Check out a few snaps of that...

Anyway like I said , few more non Madison tear sheets to go up soon, as well as post with a few arty snaps from a few days in London just after the bike show...



Monday 2 January 2012

2011 Show Reel and Slide show...

With the passing of another year you hear everyone saying " how fast that went" " this year ill eat less,ride more" etc etc

I wont give you any of that , instead I will give you the best part of 10 mins of what made 2011 such an awesome year for me...

First off is my best of 2011/Reel

And also my slide show of still work, not easy getting it from 60,000 images to enough to get in this video, but I think it works...just...

Thanks to everyone who made this year as good as it was, everyone who shared lifts across Europe with me, was in front of my lens and rode with me along the way, To all my clients old and new, and to anyone new friends I have made.

Last year was good, 2012, should be even better!

Locals2 - Part 1 now online

This winter/off seasonI have been filming an extended web video/film with a few of the UKs top mountain bikers, the title I have given this project is Locals2.

Last off season ( 09/010 ) I did Locals(1) , that focused on my local riding scene around the South West, but I realised the limited scope of this both riders and story wise so for Locals2 went with the thought process of exploring a few of the best riders Locals, there home life in the off season, training, riding,party's, mates etc

Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland,Sam Dale,Alex Bond, Joe Smith, Olly Wilkins, Harry Molloy are the main riders, everyone from Wchamps, to up and coming riders so something for everyone.

The film went live up on Pinkbike who supported the project a good 2-3 weeks ago, but I have, as ever, been a bit busy and this blog is bottom of the list of things to keep on top of at the moment.

I have a new website in the works which should be changing that last point...

Anyway with out Further a do, Check out Locals2 Part 1:

Locals2 - Part 1 on

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to make this from Banshee, J -Tech and Pinkbike to Olly Wilkins for the logo design and everyone who gave me lifts, rode in the film, gave me a floor to kip on etc...

Please find a few good photo articles to go with the film here:

Part 2 with Hart, Mears and Molloy will be out in the coming weeks...

Ta J