Friday 27 February 2009

Bike company X = 2stage Bikes and there 2009 team press release

Yeh , the word is out , got the first scoop and exclusive on there new 2009 team. check it out on there.

so thats who i had the shoot with was really good and went well and will do a bit of a thing about how the day went etc soon with some of the photos they didnt use for the press release.

Anyway here is the press release...all photos my me of course ha

Our friends over at 2Stage bikes have just announced the launch of their brand new UCI World Cup trade team - It will be an all UK 3 rider line up featuring the talents of Tom Deacon, Jess Stone and Alex Powell. They'll be racing the 2Stage Elite 9 and opening the season at the Maxxis Cup in March before attending all UCI World Cups, Maxxis Cups and UK NPS rounds.

Here's a few words from 2Stage about the riders:

Local ripper, Tom Deacon, has just come off one his best seasons, ranking tenth in 2008 BCnational rankings. Preparing for 2009 with an intense off-season training programme, Tom expects to maintain his race-winning momentum that saw him become the Pearce Cycles Series Champion, Midland Region Champion and English Champion last year.

“I’m stoked to be working with 2Stage bikes this year! The bike is awesome, the first time out I knew this was it. It corners on rails, and the 2stage technology takes the bumps like they are nothing but pedals like a hardtail. It’s unreal! 2Stage is a tight knit family and I’m excited to be a part of it - this season is going to be rad!!”

The second team member is a superstar on the rise, Jess Stone. Jess’ first introduction to world cup racing was at Schladming last year where she pulled off 23rd placing (only eight seconds off qualifying), proving she’s a rolling stone who carries some serious speed downhill. 2009 will be Jess’ first season riding Elite, and she couldn’t wait any longer. Jess had the Junior category all sewn up last year coming in ranked at number one, and winning the British National Champs, English Champs, Hamsterley Winter Series, Midland Series overall, Decision DH and well, we could keep going on forever about her achievements. But it’s definitely time for Jess to take on some fresh blood.

Finally, aspiring young pinner 17 year old Alex Powell completes the team. 2009 will be Alex’s first year committed to full time racing due to previous year’s duties with his Loctite Formula 3 team clashing with his DH schedule, Alex is stoked on this golden opportunity to race for 2Stage and broaden his experience in international competition riding along side Tom and Jess.

2Stage Bikes broke onto the UK scene in 2007 when their NZ factory rider, Glenn Haden, won the 2007 Italian National Championship Series and Sprinte Avalanche while on a sponsored tour of Europe. Since then the company has planted its feet firmly in the UK DH scene supporting an academy team of talented riders alongside their UCI world cup factory team.

Essential support for 2Stage Factory UCI World Cup DH team comes from Loctite/Henkel Gmbh.

Additional support for Tom Deacon is from existing sponsors, TGG-Custom Helmet Painting, Funn, and

Jess Stone’s extra support from Five Ten Shoes and Loeka Clothing. for more info

Sunday 22 February 2009

Photo Shoot update

Hey , know i havnt posted for a few days or so , been busy with moving the house around , school work , and the photoshoot with bike company X.

The shoot itself went really well i think and so did the client , got a lot of shots that where just what they where after.

Great team , team managers , weather , track etc.

Few hickups mind , getting the wrong train at 6am for 3 stops and making myself an hour or so late , and cards failing and deleting a few hundred photos ( all recovered, dont worry , and the RAW files to )

Will get some photos up as soon as i can , but its taking a bit of time editing it all.

Cant wait for spain , gona be some AMAZING images and Videos come out of that trip i asure you.

Will post more news/photos when i can.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Few of James Matthews

Right few more of this batty boy. Dont know why i even take photos of him haha

Because he is flat out all the time and a real plesure to work with and does sections 30 times off his back not mine as he isnt happy with how he hit it ??? NAH ha

Anyway was out with him for a few hours today:

was going to shoot another video , but i cant afford the post production time as im off to wales friday on a last minute shoot for bike company X ??? ha

Keep an eye on here over the next week or so for a few photos from that.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Few oldies from the Fort

Just 2 i have had a re work on from the 08 Fort bill WC. was looking through and reminicing and saw these 2.

Anyway ,some randomer and Tom Deacon:

Friday 13 February 2009

James Matthews Re post , Photos/Video/interview.

Right Well a new idea , if i couple the photos/videos of riders im doing with some small intrviews with the riders you get a nice full idea of the people???

Anyway. goign to fire the same questions to all the riders a shoot with and post them up on here.

Re post of the First shoot with james Matthews with an interview:

Name - James Matthews
Age - 16
Where you live? Nr Callington, Cornwall
What are your goals for your riding career? Racing nationals this year, and see how it goes!
And your life in general? Urmm, see the world, and enjoy other cultures. But career, pilot in the RAF really.

What was your first downhill bike? Kona Stinky Deluxe 05, wicked bike!
How long have you been riding for? Just under two years.
What companies do you represent? None
What would you say your riding style is? Wild and loose!
Why do you ride? Can you give me a reason not to? Good fun, and i'm a bit competative too.

Whats the worst crash you have had? Jumping the bridge on Pleney, haha! Worst though, probably a big stack on the tabletop at Tavi Woods soon after starting out on my Kona. Far too much speed, huge overshoot, front wheel down first to flat, thrown off over the bars so hard that my head knocked the fence post used for signs clean out of the ground! I was knocked out for 20 minutes, 3 broken ribs and a big loss of confidence for a while to follow!
What is the theme song to your life? Benny Hill Theme Tune probably, my life is comody!

Favorite drink? Mutzig for sure.
Favorite Color? Purple or green, can't decide.
Favorite Car? Difficult one... i've got so many! Probably a Pagani Zonda. I'll leave it at that before i write a short book on the topic, haha.
An interesting fact about yourself? I learnt to walk when i was eleven years old, and i can bite through concrete.

If i got as good at riding as you would it help with girls? Without a doubt
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck norris? Hahaa, thats a mouthful! I have no idea... how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck norris?!
Pink or brown? We've had this conversation before havn't we? Front door thanks.
Favourite super hero and why? Superman, because i got the t-shirt from my girlfriends mum one Christmas! Although being able to fly would ruin the fun in those rock gardens. The rest of his powers are pretty cool though!

MUSIC BY: Anoraak - Waiting for your call.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Locals-Adam Price

As you already know after my First Locals Vid a few weeks back i am doing some short 3 min (ish) films about a few of the local riders around Tavistock and my second LOCALS vid is of one guy called Adam Price.

MUSIC BY: Empire of the sun , walking on a dream

He's 18 , works in a bike shop , and it shows , pinned as you like and a pleasure to shoot , pro to the core , do it till we get the shot and always smiling!

filmed on a Nikon D90.

LOCALS - Adam Price from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

Few of the photos i can put online now.

Loads more from gawton and some of these photos bigger and in colour in the next issue of WideOpen.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Dartmoor Landscapes

Went out on a Some walk on dartmoor this afternoon with the camera to get some landscapes

main reason was for A level work on colour landscapes but these are really just for the brain storming part. will go out once sunday soon and get some real nice ones.

I am doing the work in 3 parts , moors , water, woods and these where just some warm up moor ones.

out in the woods tomorow for a Vid/photo shoto with 2 local pinners ( check back tomoz night) so will get some snaps of trees then , and go for another walk in the next few days for some water ones.

Then just 10 mins drive from my house is burrator , where there are all 3 things with in walking distance so that where i will get all the final shots.


Monday 9 February 2009

Published work from the last month or so

Just some photos of some of the work i have had published in Dirt and Shred in the last month or so.

Will get them added to the Published work gallery in a month or so after a few big projects.

Diarys filling up , of to wales in a few weeks for a few shoots then off to spain , then scotland i think... all good fun.


Sunday 8 February 2009

More snow

Came out on the last bus last night to stay with a mate who lives in the middle of the moor and has feet of snow as opposed to tavistocks total lack of snow , silly how big 15 mins drive can make !

Tavistock= none

Lydford =3 ft

and its all soft and a bastard to walk on , you just sink ha

Anyway , was so foggy and snowing a blizard out on the moor i didnt want the camera out to long and wasnt great for photos anyway so just one crap quicky.

Widgery moor outside lydford in Devon:

Friday 6 February 2009

D90 ISO test ( and snow )

Right the area i live in has been hit by the snow good and propper

Here is a vid of some of my mates 10 mins drive from my place in the snow
(not my video)

They have had a good 3-4 foot of snow all over and mroe in places where it gathers.

5 miles away in Tavistock ( where i live ) we got 3 inches ha still better than nothing but not that good.

plan is to head out to theres on sunday for a walk/snow board mish.

Anyway enough about the dam white stuff thats bringing our country to its knees....

D90 High ISO....

Out at Gawton yesterday shot my mate sat on his bike just to compair , not to bad considering its 6400!

Iso 6400:

Iso 200:

Tuesday 3 February 2009


Sad how the world ( ok just the uk ) grinds to a halt , but im not complaing , no school and a day of sledging and trying to snow board on dartmoor and failing and hurting my self , fry up then over to a mates to play Wii....and again fail ha

Nothing to great but gives you an idea of what its like down here in Devon.

At least the D90 can take landscapes and snow ok , only fell over holding it once ha

Monday 2 February 2009

Re-edit from yesterday

Had a play about with one of the best photos from yesterday after i noticed i had the sharpness setting on there lowest !

anyway , went for a very heavy edit and i really like how it looks.

D90 has landed!

Been wanting to post this for months and can finaly do it!

Went out yesterday to Gawton to film and shoot with James Mattews a local rider who is flat out.

Anyway First time i had shot with the camera sothe stills arnt anything special but i am happy with the video.

Will have more info on the few things i did to make the film and my thoughts on the camera some time soon.

in the mean time...enjoy! Also would love to hear what you think of it.

LOCALS-James Mathews from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

MUSIC BY: Anoraak - Waiting for your call.

And some of the photos: