Friday 18 August 2017

Update on recent work from Aspect - Aug 2017:

I wont even start with the same old apology for not updating this thing more. Race season is in full swing and we are fairly busy with it all. I do how ever promise this blog will get some more love over the off season.

Till then though a quick update on a few things Aspect has been up to in the last few months. Starting with the biggest...


If you have been under a rock for the last year then you may get away with not having heard of it, but if not, then I am sure you will know about Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porters film Deathgrip.

Aspect Media had a fair hand in it, with Aspect co founder Chris Seager being co-directer and DOP on the film, and Jacob being one of the photographers shooting still photos and some C/D cam video on the shoot.

See the official trailer for the film here:

and buy the full film here:

Also check out the amazing photo book / magazine that goes with the film, packed with amazing images from all the photographers. Also lesser known fact is it was all designed by Ex Dirt designer ( from back in the good ol days ) Jon Gregory. Like going back in time, in a good way! :

As well as Deathgrip, we have also been flat out covering the EWS as per usual. Some amazing venues, even better racing and pumping out some pretty top quality coverage, even if we do say so ourselves.

Enduro World Series 

For a quick glimpse of the coverage check out both a one minute highlights video, and the full 20 odd minute coverage below. To keep up with the coverage from every round look for either EWS coverage on Pinkbike front page, or the EWS Youtube around when an event is on.

One minute:

Full highlights:

Four Corners

Leading up to the Madeira round of the EWS the local organizers ran a film contest, and Aspect where lucky enough to get an invite. We got  Funny man and pinner Olly Wilkins from Focus Bikes, and good friend of Aspect and killer filmer Ben Walton together and went out to the Island MTB paradise for a week of filming and the film below is what we came away with:

FOUR CORNERS from Aspect Media on Vimeo.

Jake Nichols Moto Film 

Personal work this time. Jake Nichols is one of the UKs best Moto racers, and has a pretty amazing private training compound. So via some mutual friends we linked up, and went and filmed the film below. Simple aims, to stretch our creative legs, make something new, and also help push Aspect into the Moto world a little more. With some killer projects coming up with some big moto brands it worked well.

Jake Nicholls - Native 2017 from Aspect Media on Vimeo.

We have also done a million other smaller project here and there, both video and stills for a whole range of clients. Sports and corporate. Some part way through being finished up can update on those soon enough.

As ever the best way to keep up to date with what we are up to is hit us up on FB. Update much more than this blog I promise.

Will update again in another month or so once the season is over and we have room to breathe.


Jacob - Aspect Media