Saturday 27 February 2010

Few of Jimmy and Si riding Gawton

Woke up this morning, checked my emails as i do every day to find a new message from one of my mates and Astrix team rider Jimmy Smith saying him and his/my mate Si would be riding down at Gawton tommorow/today if that makes any sense.

So i called em to make sure all was still on, it was, so got my bike and kit and camera and went out.

Did a few runs, wet, loose, wild but then put the bike away and took some photos...

Pretty happy with a few of them, had this SDH photo comp in the back of mind so id have to B&W some of them...

So if you go on my flickr here: there is almost every shot posted here in either colour/B&W plus a few others if you want to go check them out.

Anyway enjoy...

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Berny Kerr Dirt TV vid

Right if you actualy read and follow this thing you will have seen me say i was out shooting with Junior Euro champ Bernard Kerr about a month ago and to watch out for the video...

Well the Video went live on dirts site and mpora a day or so ago and has already had 50,000 views...

Let me know what you think, got any questions about it ?

Check it out here:

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Monday 22 February 2010

Kustom bikes round 3 Combe Sydnham

Went up to Combe Syd on sunday for Rd 3 of the Kustom Bikes winter series to get a few photos...

Long story short All photos i got are here in a gallery:

Have a look through for photos of you, if you find one email me to the link o the homepage ( millki @ )

I will then give the image/s in question a full edit and send back edited proofs to you so you can see what they look like all made up before you buy if you desire the file.

You can get a full res file for £5 emailed to any 1 email.

The files are stunning quality and can be used to print up to A2,pc backgrounds etc etc

So thats £5 for a full size Digi file

A few finished photos so you get a jist of what the images can and will look like here:

and with some posh editing can look like these ?

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Scot Tacchi, Mount Hawke

Went down to Mount Hawke skatepark today with the local youth cafe and about 40 other guys...

All in all a good day and bloody shins all round, Anyway other friend of mine and client got Scot Tacchi on the team last week and he just happened to be down there aswell. So i got a few shots...

Only took the camera 50mm, fish eye and one flash as i think im going to make another pure photo trip down again soon so there not amazing photos but there still good enough to make it on to here.

Enjoy, let me know what you think:

Monday 15 February 2010

Website updates, clients,homepage,gallery

Right well over the last few weeks my website has had a few updates done... waited till they where all done properly to post them up on here they are so...

I have added about 10 new images to the front page slideshow, so just go to and watch the homepage images change for a few mins, a few bangers up there now... one or two that arnt anywhere else for the time being!

Now the big news is the gallery page, for months it was just a mirror or the front page while we got this dialied in, but its now got 5 gallerys that are embeded flash slideshows that link live to my flickr feed for ease and regular updating.

so this will be changed when ever i get work worthy of going in them...

Gallery: I now have 5 gallerys under:

Action: bikes,sports etc
Places: landscapes and places ive been
People: portraits and people
Wedding: all things wedding
Published: tearsheets from published work in mags,adverts etc

Also had some testimonials done for the clients page and had it all neatened up...

Some screen shots, but go have a snoop about and have a propper look...

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Buisness cards!

Finaly got round to making up some half decent buisness cards. spent all day looking at other ones that looked good, at what made my site look as it did, colours, fonts etc then sent about knocking some up in PS. sent drafts through to a few people for picking them apart etc and about 10 verisons later had something i liked and they did to...

Here they are, if you see me about at races,shoots etc just say hi, ill probs try to give you one.

Monday 8 February 2010

Woodland Riders winter series round 1

Right After a good deal of editing and uploading i now have a gallery of all photos i took at the woodland riders race on sunday up here:

If you go on there and have a look through for ones of you, if you see any either save the photo or the link to it and email me the link or photo... i will then give them an edit and email you back edited samples... if you like the look of them and want them full res unwatermarked then give me:

£5 for a full res digital copy emailed to you

and prints are:

* £10 for an A5 print
* £20 for an A4 print
* £30 for an A3 print
* larger prints on demand

Gallery Here:

and a few photos that have already had an edit to give you an idea of a before and after...

Thursday 4 February 2010

Ram Bikes Promo Vid

Got an email a week ago about doing a Promo Vid for Ram Bikes.

One of the riders i shot with for my Locals film was Zak Hurrell and his sponsors must have seen it and thought... why isnt our logo being seen by 30,000 people?

So anyway here is it... and

on Mpora Here and on

Pinkbike here:

Will add links to youtube,vimeo etc as it goes live.

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