Wednesday 30 December 2009

Soaking wet Gawton

Got a txt last night from Adam"pinner"Price saying he was going to be riding Gawton in the soaking wet after i woke upa dn had some food i went on out.

Was WET all day so didnt get the camera out much and was only on the hill an hour.

Got a few nice shots though.

Got a long day tomorrow with a shoot up in somerset for Locals and then down to looe to start 2010 with a bang, and a wollop to of me hitting the pavment ha

O well enjoy:

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Moss Macriner locals shoot...

The weekend just gone i had another video shoot for my film locals ( trailer here: )

Anyway section is looking great, got some really nice stuff, got a few more shoots over the next fortnight to finish off filming then its in to editing.

Will be out by mid jan.

Anyway some shots of moss. The last one is the right size to set as centeral with a black background for desktops.

Monday 28 December 2009

My first book!

Right well i thought i would take the leap and make a book...

Its a 35 page small book with 40 of my fav riding images from 2009 in.

Taken from Spain, Austria to all over the UK.

You can buy it on blurb for about £15.

Or if you email me i can send you one for £17 where i just take a smaller cut.

So 35 pages, 40 odd photos, £15, Good quality book, best riding shots of 09.

The first half of the book can be previewed here:

If you want to see all the shots in the other half... buy it!

Ta Jacob

Saturday 26 December 2009

Self Edit.. me me me! have got a self edit comp on at the moment.

Thats basicly everything in the vids whole production = me. from the filming,editing,production,riding the lot.

So as none of my mates wanted to go riding today i went out all on my own and knocked this together.

makes me smile, dont know about you...

if you like it go on the link here and comment/fav it.


here it is:

Friday 25 December 2009

Chase jarvis does it again...

Another talk from chase. I advise you find an hour and sit down and enjoy. You WILL learn something, or remeber something you already knew.

Chase Jarvis CURRENT: The Consequences of Creativity from Chase Jarvis on Vimeo.

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Dartmoor in the snow

The last week has seen a few inches of snow bring most of the uk to a halt... well they gritted the roads up on to the moors today so i went up and got some shots of the place i live under a dusting of snow.

Im lucky to live where i do.


Sunday 20 December 2009

Brendan Fairclough training days...

The first ever Brendan Fairclough training day happened this weekend just gone out at Gawton in Devon. A few issues ranging from transport issues first thing to 4" of snow all made the day "unique" and "memorable" so people said haha

But really a great day for all there, every one was visably faster down the hill by the end of the day...and everyone said they had taken a lot away from it.

Cant put any real good shots up as there are a few mags etc looking at them atm

But here are a few of the people taking part and one of the dog himself by the bbq.

Enjoy, will put more up when i can.

Friday 18 December 2009

Mount Hawke bmx winter formal

Went down on my cars first road trip last night to Mount Hawkes 09 winter formal( bmx jam and xmas dinner in suits)

was a right laugh and was so nice to ride again after a month of rain, even if i was crashing lots and now have a limp after a nice OTBs.

Camera came out for 10 mins to get a few of people including Robie owen doing some sweet tables over the hip.

Enjoy, check out the blog early next week for some sweet shots ;)

Thursday 17 December 2009

My home made steady cam

Right this is my home made steady cam!

An old bmx rim with a few additions.

info on the photo on the right hand side.

will get up some pics etc of the dolly soon.

to see the results from my mystic steering wheel see the luke ball edit.

anything that has freeer movement than i tripod would give was on this...

luke ball edits here:

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Vw polo

Blog posts here are a tad like UK public transport, nothing for weeks then a flurry of activity.

Going to do a post on how i built my steady cam for shooting films tommorrow so keep an eye out for that. (nothing mad but people are asking)

Anyway went out this evening and got some shots of my mates VW polo.

Hes done a bit to it and it looks alright and he wanted some shots of it, and i wanted to shoot a car.

so we where planning on the moors at sunset but a few things we couldnt change( weather) meant we had to make do with a carpark.

Here they are...

fixxing my first car...

Went down to my mates unit that him and a few of his mates rent to work on there cars.

Hes a bit of a VW geek and as i got a polo last week which needed a new clutch seemed the obvious place to go and get it done.

so went on down and spent half the night fitting (watching him fit it) while i took some snaps.

like how they look sum up the place and how shitty it is haha (no offence jules)

Also this now means im on the road with transport. so can got a job anywhere in the SW, nay England, call or email via the info on on the right hand side.


Friday 11 December 2009

Sites i check...

Right been meaning to do a post on this for a while, plus its on my list of things to blog about so...

Here are a list of sites i check daily and why...some forums,some blogs,some sites.

First off some forums that are great for info:

A great forum for all things video, with special sections for all the HD-DSLRS

Good extreme sports photography forum, pay to join so not full of idiots

GREAT forum for all things photo, gear, all types of photos. great members and will answer anything.

Really the only mtb forum in the uk.... sorry haha



Some film guy from the usa, some very cool stuff

Great site for industry news and interviews

Some images blogs:

and an amazing bmx/art/photo/design blog. SO SO GOOD!


then theres flickr,pinkbike,facebook, dirt,vital,ride etc that i check but there all well known.

More propper updates soon!

Monday 7 December 2009

A bit of my published work from the last few months...

I am trying to keep this blog up to date a bit more. and not with news of each time i go and shoot but also other things, so keep an eye out!

This time though as the title sugests just a few tear sheets of some of my published work from the last few months. In places such as shredwest, fastlane, dirt and orange bikes.

Take a look, more news on site i check daily, prints i have for sale,website updates, and construction of my steady cams and dolly etc