Monday 27 June 2011

Few from BDS 4...

Right, long old drive back from north Wales last night, got in at 1am, up at 7am to start sorting through the 1000 photos ( good weather makes me a tad trigger happy haha )

I think Llangollen is fast becoming my Fave track to shoot, Cant wait for next months Nat Champs when we get to go in the woods a bit as well...

Anyway back to the BDS Rd 4 just per none of my best shots will be going online for a little while yet, some are going on the new WO and MBUK though so keep an eye on them...

Till then though few up on

There will be all the team Madison/Saracen shots and video going online in the next day so keep an eye for them...

That's all for now, more when I got it...



Saturday 18 June 2011

Few new tears sheets...

Just a few shots of recent published work in various places...

Few Saracen Ads and a Genesis and some from my article in Dirt...

Few photos of the happenings in the SW that month in the latest Dirt

Genesis bikes Ad

Saracen Ariel Ad

Saracen Myst Ad

Shots on the Genesis bikes website

Shots on the Genesis bikes website

Shots on the Genesis bikes website

The new Team page on the Saracen bikes website with my videos and photos on both riding and portrait.

Shots on the Genesis bikes website

Look out for another post in the coming few days...

Friday 17 June 2011

How I went from Spare time --> Full time photographer

One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is how I got to where I am, how I went from amature photographer to it being my full time job and earning a living from I thought I would answer that in this blog post.

The whole reason I started taking photos was because I wanted to see how I was riding...So lots of photos of my mates down the local woods, and the local resident pro Ash Mullane who I still shoot now...that coupled with a great growing local scene gave me the reason and story to get my work out in front of a wider audience via websites, forums etc as FB wasn't really about when I first started.

Few photos from back in 2006 both taken in the first week of having my first ever camera...

From there on I started working with wideopen , I have been involved since day Nil and got the cover shot of issue 1...staff photographer to this day and 15 issues later still going...

It was through putting work ( only the best of my work ) online via websites like SDH and in Wideopen that helped me get noticed, make contacts with riders and keep upping the quality of my work.

Everything just seemed to snow ball from there, not through luck at that stage more through pure determination, fun and hard work. Back then I did it just for the fun, didn't make any money, worked a paper round to get to the races and snap photos and was just stoked to see them online... I slowly got more and more into it, my photos started getting on more and more sites, i started going to a few nationals, then a few of the Ft Bill WCs...

As I got more and more involved in photography, my grades in school dropped as I knew it was what I wanted to do, and when your faced with swatting for exams or going out doing what you love and getting paid for it on top, it wasn't to hard of a choice...

So in a very simplified bullet point list this is how I did it...

  • Invested in a DSLR
  • Shot ALL the time of my local scene/woods/mates and put the best of the best online
  • Started getting work on websites/in online magazine etc
  • Started going to races, regionals at first then slowly to nationals then WCs
  • Started getting more of a name as someone to watch
  • Work in a few paying places ( small companies, magazines etc )
  • Work for bigger magazines and companies
  • Left school after A levels and went full time as a self employed photographer/film maker...
So that's how I did it, by no means the proper way with uni, work experience etc but it seemed to work for any More questions leave them in the comments bellow...

Monday 13 June 2011

Leogang seconds

The last few weeks have been pretty flat out for me, busy tripping round Europe following the races. After the last update on here I have been out to Austria to the 3rd round of the WC in Leogang. A great race, great track and even better riding ( I got a run or 2 in on the bike as well )

Anyway here are a few of the seconds from the race, for the real bangers keep an eye on various magazines in the coming weeks/months.

Pan of Brendog in the green

Brayton and his beat up legs

Mick Hannah in the woods

Bren in the woods

Blenki in the top berms

Brendog in the flat open section

Danny Hart pinned at the top of the hill

O,Connor in the woods

Danny Hart with a fucking HUGE whip

One of the CG riders

Danny again

Scott 11 rider in the bottom woods

Random rider in the bottom wood shoot of death ha

Random dude with a horrible whip, but nice photo...

Anyway, got a few new tear sheets, blog articles,new work etc coming up, and as I'm home for more than a few days this blog should return to normal very soon.



Wednesday 8 June 2011

The last few weeks....

This blog is going to start just like so many others...sorry for not posting anything for a while. It seems a bit like busses on here, shit tones all at once or nothing for a little while.

Theres good reason for this though, I have been tripping round between races for the last 2 weeks and have only now found some half decent reliable wifi and power that has conicided with some time in Leogang Austria for Rd 3 of the WC this coming weekend.

Anyway first off was GlenCoe BDS, got called off thanks to truly shit weather...

Few photos here:

More photos can be found on my flickr here:

and a video from the race for team Madison/Saracen here:

Madison/Saracen BDS rd 3 GlenCoe from Jacob Gibbins on Vimeo.

Then it was on to Ft Bill just an hour up the coast and a few days made the world of differance, the organisers lucked out. The lifts where shit the weekend before, yet for them, its clear skys and sun burn...


And a video:

Will update this thing again in the next week with the photos and videos from Leogang, till then, more shooting!

Ta J