Tuesday 29 September 2009

Public gallery from Rheola nps!

Right People I have now got the gallery up on pinkbike:


Take a look and just referance the page row and collumn and i will edit it and email you the edited proof.

They are all totaly un edited and can get a LOT better with a bit of Photoshop magic!

If you want its same as ever, £5 for a full res digi file, £3 for a half res copy.

bulk discounts for 3 or more files.

email me on the contact link on the site.


Rheola NPS finals

Today I was at the NPS finals in Rheola, south Wales. And it was dry which made a nice change...

Descent-world.co.uk got my shots first along with a repo, so to save me basicly copying it on to here go check it out!

A nice repo and 2 slideshows of the best images from the weekend, you cant loose!


Saturday 26 September 2009

Sat Practice from Rheola nps finals

Today i have been at Rheola in south Wales for the final round of the NPS series. So just a quick few of the worse ones I dont have to hold back from Saturday pracitce.

Will put a few more up tomorrow, and a gallery of all the shots so people can look through and purchace shots of them riding, digi files for sale from monday with any luck.

Anyway Some photos, Enjoy:

Friday 25 September 2009

Barrel Processed

Just a shot from schladers of barrel in the grassy turns. just loved the black and white so much i had to put it up , and the CP one just cos i wasnt to sure and thought id put it on here. let me know what ya think.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Camera to cover

Here is something i knocked up showing how an image changes from when its taken , to when it ends up as something.

may do more of other published stuff if this goes down well.

Anyway shot in wales on the smith/simonds shoot for FOFO in 2008.

Explains itself:

click to see full res in a new window

Some more from Austria and plans...

Right some more from Austria first...

now im off to photograph the NPS finals at rheola in wales this weekend , then once i get back i will hard sell them , sort out stuff for the wedding i did at the start of the month and finish that up , and seek to get some funding to really start my buissnes!

busy few weeks , but better to be busy than bored eh ?!

Sunday 20 September 2009

Sunday finals from schladming

Sunday was a good day overall. lie in as i didnt need to worry to much about photographing practice , then camped out in the woods for finals of both sexs and got some shots simalar to the one of kovarik below.

top 5 where: hill , blenki , minnar , brendog ,gwin.

Will put more good photos from the whole week up over the next few weeks once it becomes clear i wont sell any of them.

so... photos:

Saturday 19 September 2009

Saturday evening

Right after Dh practice this morning there was a 4 hour gap till 4x, so i went right to the top of the hill ( the race track starts half way up ) and all the guys who didnt quali where up riding , we are talking rach ath , liokoinen (sp?) , matt cunningham , heath , molloy etc etc so i went up and got some shots of all them...

then from 5 was 4x where supprise ,supprise graves destroyed !


saturday from schladming , set up photo.

Woke up this morning to the guy im staying with farting , again. not to nice , but the weather was the opposite , been stunning sun all day and a joy to shoot in.

Went out with one shot in mind and i got it , inside a berm , got some nice ones of all the top boys that cant go online , but some of kovarik (sp?) and also a wide shot of where the flashes where etc to show you how i got the shots.

Photo time:

o and a good few of wyn masters as his yellow kit and " i want to kill something " riding style is sweet!