Tuesday 31 March 2009

The spanish adventure... Day 5

Right , went out for what we thought would be another days full filming/shooting.... some spainsh guy who knows all the local tracks like the back of his hand told us some places to ride and got it all a bit wrong for what we where after and we spent most of the day walking down flat straight tracks that where some of the worst harry and tom had ever riden.

anyway , amazing area and stunning , got a few nice landscape shots.

Tomorow we have a good day riding and shooting planned on some more fun tracks near malaga that are full of jumps and burms so should be some goopd shots tomoz.
Anyway keep checking back for more stuff....
Also check out www.wideopenmag.co.uk for mono funny accounts of the days happenings , good reads

Monday 30 March 2009

The spanish adventure... Day 3 and 4

Hi again , sorry for no update yesterday but really didnt do anything in the day. was out on a HUGE nigth out m like out till 8 in the monring so spent all of sunday in the house/bed and just buzzed about here.

Today was a differant story alltogether though , up early ( for spain 11am ) and where filming all afternoon solid at the sram test track for FOFO2 till about 8pm.

Both me and mono got some killer stuff , but you will have to wait till i get home and can get to photoshop to see any of the best stuff ( it broke on my laptop out here )

Anyway , few photos and their captions:

Tom Deacon getting loose on a dusty turn while being fimed by mono for FOFO2.
they where getting this turn so low and raged till they fell off and we moved on ha

Harry riding some steep rocky very dusty sram test track. raged and loose as you like and still kept it on the wheels ( most of the time )

Rob Deacon doing some freeriding down the SRAM test track , to quote harry" it was flopping about all over the place "

The gang down a cafe in the local town having some bacon sarnies and coffee after a hard days filming for FOFO2 , thats harry , rob , tom and mono waiting for the food and drinks.

Saturday 28 March 2009

The spanish adventure... Day 2

Woke up to another stunning sunny day ( this is walking up at midday after a good night out on the town till 3am ) but come about half 1 a storm rolled in and then cleared a bit but we spent the afternoon/evening riding the sram test track in the drizzle. track was still deep in dust and flat out and rad. then went for a huge shop to get stuff.

home for pizza and ice cream , on here , then gona get half an hours rest and going down to the coast for a BIG night out tonight , so have left tomoz free of all but a small photo sesh on a small local track tomoz evening ha

Anyway some photos from the sram track , will be back there later on in the week to film for FOFO2 in sun (with any luck) :

Friday 27 March 2009

The spanish adventure... Day 1

Rigth so thursday night me and mono went to brizol airport , flight was at 7am so sat in the airport trying to sleep and not getting a wink!

but thats as bad as it gets. got on the plane ( dellayed thansk to some mechanical issue ) ....got to spain , got off the plane , got picked up by Rob and Tom Deacon from DHspain.com , taken right to where we where staying , got all at home , built the bikes up and then spent the whole afternoon (2 till 7pm) and got 10 runs in on a great track that was loose , foot deep in dust and fast as you like. such a great start to what i think is going to be a good week. also Harry Heath is here aswell so i have lots of pinners to keep my camera happy.

Anyway off down the town for a few drinks now , lazy morning tomoz then off for loads mroe riding at the sram test track i think....

Anyway some photos:

Monday 23 March 2009

Xc and flats!

Right well for my Sports studies A level we have to be examined in 2 sports. so i picked Xc mtb as one of mine, and yesterday we went out and did the ride....

lets just say 6 hours on dartmoor , 4 flats a blow out and still didnt finish it where we wanted to.

Was great fun and a route we will do again in a few weeks when we are all free again.

But the weather was spot on ( as it has been all the last week or so )

One photo of Alex carving up a nice track down off the high moor to a resevoir:

Anyway in other news that i cant stop telling people.

Im off to spain for a week riding/shooting in south spain with dhspain on thursday for a shoot for monos next dvd.

should be SWEET , expect lots of updates on here over the next week.

And over the last week in the nice weather i have lived at some trails 5 mins from my house and got them all built up so expect to see some bmx trail shots/vid in the next few weeks.

Peace out!

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Dirt Website Gallery

Just got an email from Billy at Dirt Mag saying my web gallery on their site has gone live.

20 or so of random images from my portfolio.

check it out : http://dirtmag.co.uk/others/category/421/22

Thats all for now...

Monday 16 March 2009

James Matthews Tavi woodlands Photos/Video

Right me and my new tripod , and shaddy ass shoulder steady cam thing i knocked up with a teners worth of piping from focus do it all went out on sunday in some AMAZING weather and made a film and some photos.

James Matthews was the guy infront of the lens all day and as always a true pro , over and over again , till i got it right , always me at fault he nails lines time after time and at mach 10 each time to. so Ta man.

Anyway enough of that...

Got out there at 9am and left the hill at 5pm , solid shooting , was a hard day but i think the results speak for themselfs. really happy with the stills and the video.

Had to hold a few of the images back for WideOpenMag.co.uk so they will see light soon enoough.... till then enjoy the video , photos and i would love to hear what every one thinks of it , what can be made better etc

James Matthews Riding Tavi woodlands from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

A good few more photos on my flickr at www.flickr.com/jacobgibbins

Friday 13 March 2009

Got £1000 worth of new things ( tripod , HD , bag )

Hi , sorry for such a long time since i last updated this but i have been flat out with school.

got about 3 Essays in for a few weeks from now , had a photography project deadline in , tests in everything , results etc .... been manic.

Well i in the last few weeks have invested a good few pennys in new equipment , tripods , bags , HD , and a new lens , all coming to over £1000!

A lot of the things i bought where things i didnt think i would have ever needed a few years ago but things that have become very nessesery.

First off i got a Nikon 80-200 2.8 lens , since i broke my old lens this is its replacement and i have only just got round to buying it.

I also got a nice new velbon dv-7000 fluid head video tripod so i can take my videos to that next step of profesionalism. it was hard spening £100 ( i know thats cheap for video fluid head tripods ) on a tripod but it was well worth it , its fully adjustable , totaly metal construction , and smooth as you like.

I also have been filling up my old 250 gig HDD so got a new laCie 1TB drive so i should be ok for space for the next year. so i now back up the previous years images to the 250 drive.

I also got my self a nice new bag... now it was a bit of a gamble going for a new brand with Tamrac but im glad i did , not paying for the lowe pro name and so you get far mroe for your money.

I got the Expedition 8 , its the biggest bag they do and was about £150 but will last me years and has room for me to buy a few more big lens's and flashes without having to worry.
At one time i thought my old bag would never be filled with gear but that time came a good few months ago ha.
And with my trip to spain in a few weeks where i will be riding all day with all my gear and a tripod on my back i needed a nice solid bag.

Anyway thats about all the news from me.

With any luck will be out on the weekend shooting a new Video with James Matthews , putting a lot more thoguht and effort in tothis one so should be a step up from my last one.

getting on with school work and waiting very impatiently till i can get over to the dusty southern spanish trails!!!!!

Sunday 1 March 2009

The 2stage shoot More details and Photos

Right so last week i had a photo shoot with 2stage bikes to get some shots for there press release etc for there 2009 factory WC team being headed up by Tom Deacon.

Here is the Team with Jess Stone , Tom Deacon and Alex Powell:

Was up at 5am to drive down to the train station , then got a train up to Taunton ( from Plymouth ) then got picked up by one of the team riders...

Alex Powell:

Alex's dad is also co team manager and so was great to chat to them on the way up to the shoot.

We then met up with Pete the Boss and the rest of the team riders Jess and Tom at some services who showed us the way to the tracks.

Big Boss man Peter , who is the nicest guy you could meet and a real pleasure to work with:

( Acting as a test for my flashes ha ha )

We then got right to business and hiked up to the to of some nice mountain in mid wales/Shropshire , got some photos of the team in a few set ups (see above) , we then made our way back down the hill shooting at a few jumps , turns all the way down the track:

Tom getting LOW in a burm and kicking up some roost:

Tom scrubbing down a steep rocky bank:

Mid flight down the same bank:

We all then went to a different spot 2 Min's down the road where there where a load of nice hips and big doubles , looked so much fun to ride , and Tom was getting some huge flat tables:

Anyway that's about all really , in a nut shell , The day went well and both party's where happy with what was achieved and will with any luck be working together again in the not to distant future.

See www.WideOpenMag.co.uk along with a load of the other big sites for the Press release( or just a post or so back on my site )

Am off to Spain with there main rider Tom later this month so will get loads more amazing shots of him riding out there and a few vids of the trip to. so keep an eye on this site in about a month.

Anyway , Any questions about anything either email me or just comment on this blog article.

Thanks Jacob

One last one of Tom scrubbing at about Mach 10 , this is about 15Th go on my asking , ever the pro did it till it was to dark to see what he was riding when i nailed the shot as i was happy with.