Monday 12 December 2011

Locals2 - almost here....

I'm not even going to bother saying sorry for not posting on here for ages, I would love to post on here every day but I just have to much to do to keep this thing updated for the most parts ha

I will try and be better, its me not you etc etc

Anyway this is a post about the fact my second extended web video project Locals2 is almost ready to go live.

With support from Pinkbike, J-Tech and Banshee so far and a riders list including Bryceland,Hart,Dale,Bond,Wilkins etc its look good so far...

The first part should be online either tomorrow or sometime this coming week and will have sections from Bryceland and Dale, Bond and Smith and Wilkins... Anyway for a bit of media which is, I guess why your here:

Intro/trailer for Locals2 Part 1 on

That is the intro for the first part of the film which will be dropping any day now.

I am doing it in 2 parts for a few reasons, so part 1 out very soon, part 2 out Feb time ish

Have a watch and you get a rough idea what the jist of it all is...

As well as that there was also a teaser I did for Bonds section and 2 great photo story's that went up on Pinkbike here:



So yeah, keep an eye on my fb group and twitter to know as soon as its online...

Ta J

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Few bits of recent published work...

Once again sorry for not updating this thing for a while, but IM not really to sorry because the reason for it is that I have just been really busy working, which is a good thing. Anyway I was down at Madison HQ last week doing a few days work and found a few trade brand catalogs with a good deal of my shots in so thought I would take a few shots on my phone and get them on here. Always nice to see your photos in print and not just pixels on a screen, makes them more "real" ... First up is the 2012 Saracen dealer pack, got a fair bit in there...

Harry Molloy, shot from Leogang WC
Ariel shoot last year
another Ariel shot
Bit about Manon with shots from Ft Bill WC
general team shots from Ft Bill and BDS 1
harry pushing up at the trails
Shot from a shoot we did up in Scotland for the ariels
Next up is the dealers pack for Genesis bikes, again few of my shots in here from various shoots...

Few shots from a shoot we did for their track bike
More from that shoot
Some from a more MTB shoot we did in Wales
And the cover from the track bike shoot

And now a few adverts from various magazines, and a few shots that just made it to print in them...

Ad thats been running for the Ariel for a little while now...
Shot in MBUK a few months back when Rat won the BDS
Head shot of Cunningham when he took the Nat Champs win...
And cool advert from a madison clothing shoot we did in centeral Bristol in a trade magazine... 

Anyway that about wraps this post up, more to come soon with any luck... Ta J

Thursday 3 November 2011

Few things a bit different...

Wanted to call this post "bikes,boards and beats" but the tacky detector in my head wouldnt let me haha 

Over the last few weeks I have had the chance to shoot a few events that are a bit out of the norm for me. Freeze snow sports festival in London and a Hospitality club night in Oxford. Now I like watching snowboarding etc, and like going to festivals, so this one was a bit of a no brainer, take the camera, have some fun, shoot some photos. DONE. Put that with a great night out after in London and seeing one of my filmer/biker mates who's at uni there and that's that. As for the Hospitality night in Oxford, that was something I have wanted to do for a few years. For those that know me I'm a huge drum and bass head, go to a load of these nights all over so getting a VIP pass for one, shooting photos of some of my fav artists was pretty sweet... Then was a BMX road trip round Cornwall with a load of 30-40 year olds. Loose as shit and great busy drinking to take many photos as this was mainly a holiday but I cant do a holiday without taking a few photos ha Anyway have a look below for a few of my favs and a bit about them:

View from the top of the Roll in at Freeze
Looking down from the jump over the festival and London beond
Pretty scarry looking down the death slide of ice
Some nutter doing a spinny thing
Held at the big old power station in the middle of London its nice and easy to get to
Then was Hospitality:
Spy getting the job done
The MCs on the night where top notch
Having never shot in a club before it was learn fast or get shit photos, hard work getting good shots in there
And a few of the 20"
My mate Joe doing a little whip/tyre slide thing
mini pocket air while some of the other "old fools" look on 

Anyway that wraps it up for another blog post, if you read all of it thanks. If you just looked at the photos your not reading this anyway ha

More on the second shoot for Locals2 with Josh Bryceland and Sam Dale in the next day or so...

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Alex Bond teaser for Locals2

This is the official launch and announcement that Locals2 is born!

Last off season I made Locals , it went down really well and got over 50k views for the whole half hour main feature and another 30k for the trailer...and it only had my mates from Debom in...

Locals2 is a step up in every way, I really wanted I would want to watch even if I lived on the other side of the world, so I have got some of the top riders in the world, along side some More unknown pinners from Danny Hart right through to Josh Bryceland and Al Bond to name but a few...

Check out the teaser for Bonds section below:

Locals2 - Alex Bond Teaser on 

I have been lucky enough to get a few great sponsors on board right off the bat, themselves, Banshee bikes and J-Tech suspension so far...

I have room for more people to support the project so if your interested send me an email for prices and packages etc...

So this morning first thing the video and a photo story went live up on Pinkbike, so far so good, so check out the full article on there:

But here are a few of my fav shots from the week up in Wales shooting with Bond and bit about them...

This is Als House! and yes that is a caravan haha For someone so dedicated to racing and training he lives in a pretty wild place. Like putting half your living room and a bed in the middle of a rickety old barn haha

Joe Smith also came along to the shoot for a few days, the film for the most part is riders in pairs. Riding with their friends and just having fun, and these 2 ride a lot together.

This log was a great feature to shoot, but Joe deffo made it look the best, the photo of what happened when I asked Al to try and scrub off it will never leave my computer for the sake of his reputation as a good bike rider haha

Right this is probs one of the most epic places we could have picked to shoot photos, I said to him I wanted to shoot some epic shots with some great landscapes in, they don't really need a track just need you riding a bike somewhere rad, he took me here. It was raining, cold and hard to ride but fuck, it looks good doesn't it?
Another shot from the water fall, this is more of a riders one. Love the tones, the epic landscape and the riding looks good as well...
Al carving up some loamy tracks on Bala at the new revolution bike park. great morning light and a good willing rider make for some great shooting.

Another one of those spots that doesn't really have a track, there are some on this hill thought just dropping off the back of the hill behind where I'm stood with the camera. But being there at sunset we just had to shoot some photos..." ride through that puddle and wheely drop off in to those slick minging rocks over and over again yeah?" "OK "
Sam hill as the shot above, nice portrait of Al looking out over Wales after a flat out 3 days solid shooting, the day after this was the final of the BDS where he would win by 3 seconds on a 1:30 track and take the BDS 2011 over all... 

So yeah, that was the first look at Locals2, should be good, cant wait to get some More stuff filmed, so far we have Bonds section all filmed, and most of Josh and Sam's done, but going up for another day shooting with them next week and also shoot with the wild man himself Adam Brayton...

More news when I have it.

Ta J 

Monday 17 October 2011

Few summery bangers from this season...

I was going though all the 1000s of photos on my many hard drives earlier on looking for a few photos of specific people. Its a boring task but one I have to do pretty regularly. One of the only plus sides is getting to see all the photos that other wise will never get seen ever again. OK so these arnt those photos, most of these have already been online in one way or another, some though haven't.

I just saw these and thought I would do a bit of a post saying why I like these photos, where, when they where taken and anything else of note about each image.

From various races over the last season from BDS races to WCs... Take a look and let me know which is your fav in the comments bellow and I might put it up full res for desktop backgrounds...

Marc B - Molfre. BDS Rd 2 at the start of the season, hot, dusty,fast, and a hard track to shoot.This is one of the only shots from the weekend I was really happy with and the only one that made it in to my favs of 2011. The track tape, the rider, his stance, the light all just came together.

This is a shot of Brook McDonald from NZ tearing up Val Di Sole. My fav track of the year hands down for shooting ( as I'm sure you can guess from this post ) and one of my fav shots, like the light, the movement, the rider...pure summer racing....
Danny Hart, the man of the moment smashing through the top rock fest at Val. Some shots work in BW some don't, I think the texture and harsh light in this make it work...I like the other riders watching on as well, all looking right at him.
Greg Minnar ( again Val ) , you can see the photographers that go to all of these things from a mile off. they all flock round the patches of light and not the big jumps. I was right next to the one and only Gary Perkin shooting this, nice patch of sun opened up right on top of this little rock garden. Shot a few riders come through but none got it quite as agro as Greg.
Gwin. Pinned.Trying to get lost in all the trees. What more needs saying?
One from BDS 3 at Llangollen. Tyre kicking up a bit of dust going down the steep hill. Nothing special but sometimes its the simple details that tell the story.
Matti L. Has quite possibly the worst luck of any rider, when is he not in hospital with multiple broken bits? heal up mate your rad to shoot and from all I have been don't deserve to be all broke...
The Rat on the same turn at Ft Bill as Matti above. Don't know why I went for BW with this one as he is in the red kit , I think it could be the texture and tones. the light, and the fact its pin sharp. I feel its still a great shot despite the lack of colour.
Greg again on the top slopes of Ft Bill...Nice shot showing the Loch and hills in the background, bit of a pan to show the speed and even a slight bar turn.
This ( or a slight edit of it ) is my personal current background. I love it, the man himself, in the stars and stripes, dust, pinned,sharp,focused,number 1 it!
My mate Mr Rich T. Fellow SW rider and pinner. Had a bit of a mare of a season but should be back on top form come 2012 and I for one cant wait. Here he is looking race as fuck at BDS 3 in the sun...
Rach Atherton at FortBill...Don't know why I like this one, think its just all the trees adding depth to the image. Why isn't she doing a huge scrub though?!
The most bow legged mother fucker on the race scene, Jack Reading. Had a great season with some storming results. Don't know whats going on in this photo though, he isn't trying to knee everyone he passes?
Another one of Ratty, this time in Wales at Llangollen. Love the sun glinting off his lid and the fact his body position just screams speed.
Another one of Jack as well, This one from Leogang. God I miss summer and it isn't really even winter yet...
The most elusive man of the last few season. Mr Hill. Always seems to have something better to do than his job. He is a hardly any of the races and yet still is seen as some kind of god. He is pretty rad mind...
The last shot, a nice Pano from the edge of the woods at Llangollen from the Nat Champs. I'm going there and saying its my fav venue in the UK hands down as a shooter. I know the uplifts wank and you would be better of trying to crawl up on your belly but look at it...what a hill! 

Well that just about finishes off this post. This blogs getting a bit like the buses, nothing for yonks then tones at the same time. I might give it a rest for a few days...Probs not though...

Ta J