Sunday 29 November 2009

Hooper and some portraits and feet....

Went out to the woods today to film Olly Hooper for LOCALS.

SHIT weather all day. had about half an hour without rain all day. had bags over anyting electronic and hands that didnt work.

He was riding well and loose as a wizards cuff in all he mud so made for some good filming. look out for his section in LOCALS.

Also went shopping in plymouth last week and took the camera. few shots of people walking past and a few of my mate.

Friday 27 November 2009

Lifer bmx, the store and the man himself!

Got a call from Steve wilson the owner of the new bmx store based just out side my hometown of tavistock earlyer in the week.

Long story short he needed some photos of his shop doing for adverts and magazines etc.

so as im out there chilling, dreaming about that new part and watching dvds and eating bicys. we went out and di all that today but i took the camera and got a few snaps.

so here they are. i wont bother with captions. some of bikes,bits,the crew and steve the man!

Wednesday 25 November 2009


Right well i spent the last day and a half designing and building a dolly track and carrage.

I have always loved the shots they produce so thought with a few vid shoots coming up it was time i made one.

So i butchered my brothers mountain board for its trucks and wheel and foundsoe sturdy pine planks in the shed and some other bits and bobs and made one!

Its first outing today went well, and i have a few things i need to fix and tweak in the next fw days before i use it again but all in all happy with it. works well and gives good clean looking shots that i coulnt have got without it.

Anyway went out my local woods for 3 hours with my mate/local/pinner Harry Steer.

So few photos then the vid, will put up another when i have it fully 100% finished and also have a few bigger names on the locals project now with the likes of jim davage and ben baker both on the cards.



Tuesday 24 November 2009

More Photos published and new about locals

Joe smith top uk rider on the mtb WC scene got hold of me a few weeks ago wanting images for an interview on DW. long story short its online go check it out!

Also, spent all day today making a camera dolly track to help me get the shots that are in my head, so will be trying that ut in the coming days ready for a shoot with Ben Baker for RHUK next saturday.

If you want me to make a video of your riders, or if your a rider who wants a promo vid doing email me on the contact link on the main site

Will try get some footage up with the dolly and stuff tomorrow.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Lifer bmx and new frames

A few of my mates just got some new deluxe bmx frames and wentout to build them up and photograph them for the deluxe blog.

So i went out, lent a tiny hand in fitting them, then got some photos of the bikes.

Now my mates like getting naked...happens most when we have had a few but even sober if its just them they will get naked at any opp. so new frames and photos that will go all over the interet, WHY NOT!

so yeh, i have crazy mates haha more naked ones on my facebook if your that way inclined ha

Monday 16 November 2009

With Clients asking for images from this race all the time ive looked through them a good few times since the race.

Each time i go through looking for shots of certain riders, certain things, makes, ideas if i see a shot i like i have been adding them to another folder.

These are just a few of the ones i missed the first search through and have since had a look at and now uploading.

Let me know what you think, if i get bored you may see yet more from this race before im done.


Junk Drawer

Right on my weekend i got a couple of clips of video.

Some in the car,some of the party, some of a huge storm we drove through, and some of me actualy riding!

This is me riding with 4 months off the bike, then having 3 hours practice. so happy i havnt got slower ha

dont judge on its production merits , i was drunk when 2 of the 4 clips where shot and didnt even shoot 1 ha

Sunday 15 November 2009

FOFO2 Premere and 2 of luke...

Right well i went to the foot out flat out 2 premere in cardiff lst night and it was bigger and better and more rowdy than last year. packed out with all the uks top boys all out to watch a great dvd (really is good huge step up on number 1) and get a few down em and get all loose on the dance floor.

Anyway just one for now as keeping the bests back for a week.

Then this afternoon went out riding my DH bike for th first time in 4 months.
and although i havnt riden the big bike in 4 months, riding park and trails on the bmx has made me somehow faster at the rough stuff aswell! so good to back on the tracks and not crawling around like a vagina on wheels.

So just gt the camera out for 5 and shot a few of luke hitting these sweet turns i made ha

Little vid of me riding , some raving , and some lightning in the next day or so...

Friday 13 November 2009


Right well if you have been following my LOCALS videos over the last few months then you will be familiar with what there all about.

Well i am going to be re editing a few of them, shooting a few more and putting them all together in to a short 20min to half hour long short movie which will be free to watch online.

I will put it on vimeo,youtube,pinkbike and mpora and where ever else it pops up.

It will feature a few of the south wests best up and coming riders such as: Luke Ball, Adam Price, James Matthews, Joe Samson-Hill, and a few more shoots ive yet to do....

If you want an idea of what it will be like see the trailer:

LOCALS from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

So yeh, will be out around new years so keep an eye on the site for news about shoots as i do them and the final film.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

2009 Portfolio slideshow

Thought i needed to update my video portfolio/slideshow, so did.

Just a few of my favorite images from the last year, take a look and lt me kow what you think.

Jacob Gibbins Photography Portfolio Nov 09 from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

Thursday 5 November 2009

Lighting set ups

Just thought i would post up this shot showing the flash set up i used as part of one of my fav shots i got while at the world cup finals in schladming.

There are 3 flashes 2 on tripods and one tied to the race tape which hung right above my head. so i was sitting right underneith the flash on the race tape with my 15mm fish eye on.

so with the flashes in these positions...

Got me results like these 2 shots...(Just click them to see them fully in a new window)

If you want to see more stuff like this comment and ill get more flash set up shots online in future.

Few Quick shots of my gear...

I was asked to take some photos of what gear i use as part of an interview im doing for pinkbike.

just thought id post them up on here aswell.

so gear:

from top of photo to bottom. D90 with 50mm 1.8 and film body

then 3 sb800s with sky ports , nikon 18-70 , sigma 15mm fish , nikon 80-200 , plastic bags.

mini tripods , misc cables/bungees/filters/gells. , cards , cloth , batterys

And all my tripods...

On the right the magic arm for PointOfView stuff. Then 3 shit tripods for flashes. and the big black one is the fluid head for video work.

will post up a link to the interview when its up...

Monday 2 November 2009

Strobed Sequences. Liferbmx team rider Sam Shelvy

Right last week i went out for a shoot one grey cold evening around 7pm with Liferbmx team rider Sam Shelvy.

He is a sick rider who i will be shooting a video with once i get a new desktop and can edit it all. so look out for that in the next month.

Right well a few weeks ago Chase Jarvis ( amazing photographer from the usa ) posted up a vid on his blog on shooting strobed sequences. now i saw this video and thought how close to those mind spinning stats i could get with my standard gear.

So i set out by testing in my room with all my flashes on all the differant powers and my camera on both high and low speed shooting. and found that with my sb800s with the extra battery on. i could get 1/4 power and keep up with 5fps.

so with that info in hand i set up a shoot and got these.

Pretty happy with them for a first time trying this stuff. somthing i will try to take to a DH shot some time soon.

Anyway the shots, any more questions just ask in the comments,email, twitter or facebook.