Sunday 30 December 2007

Water dropplets.

Was very bored this afternoon so decided to try and get some shots of water drops. some came out ok but would of been better if i had of had my new lens a week ago when these where shot. may try again soon. all taken on a nikon 18-70 and some crappy old kodak 80-200.





Water dropplets.


ha sorry for the shouting , but just got my new lens , sigma 50-150 2.8. went out today to give it a test out and am pretty happy with it , just hard to get it in pin sharp focus at 2.8 because of the longer focal lengths. but when its in it good. heres some shots with it.

^ 100% crop to show sharpness ( click photo )

. origonal shot

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Dartmoor on boxxing day

Went for a bit of a walk on dartmoor and in some valleys today with the family and came back with some nice shots. email me if you want any of them. thanks jacob.
all taken with 18-70mm



Monday 24 December 2007

some shots of me!

some shots of me kindly taken by a friend james while i was out riding today. i set the shot up etc just got him to click a button which is what i spend far to long than is normal doing anyway :P o well what ever floats your boat. anyway here i am getting airborn.

neitehr particualy good photos but there of me so there ACE! both 50mm 1.8 with flash eitehr side of me.

Sunday 23 December 2007

Just got in and finished editing all the pics from todays shoot with a mate of mine james mathews. got some really good shots that i am really happy with. heres a few of em to keep you happy. any way.
.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! lol

50mm 1.8 no flash

50mm 1.8 flash to right of rider

50mm 1.8 no flash

18-70mm flash to right of camera

18-70mm no flash

18-70mm flash left and behind me and far right of camera

Friday 21 December 2007

Some non riding stuff

Hi went out today with a mate to take some photos and some otehrs i have taken over the last month. some ok some not so ok but thats the way the cookie crumbles so they say ha. anyway here they are.

Monday 17 December 2007


Hi no photos this time unfortunatly , just here to tell you all that i am now doing updates when i feel i have somthing to say for cool site pics news rider run. go check it out. anyway will try go out and get some shots soon. till then cya.

Monday 10 December 2007

My bike

Hi just got my new forks on my bike so took a few pics of it and this one turned out really good. well happy with the lighting. anyway heres my lovely bike.

Sunday 25 November 2007

The "Tavi 45"

Hi me and mono organised a bit of an underground race thingy today on the tavi 45 and got a good turn out of about 25 ish riders all pinning it! was so much fun and another gona happen some time soon with uplift and better timing. ( but woodland riders members/invite only!)any way ash kept his title with a flat out 40 sec run! nuts! heres some pics and the results.

gallery ( not all pics on 45 track) :

mundane kept his lead with a savage 40 sec run!


AJ from plymouth uni on it to a 45 run!

Sunday 18 November 2007

Woodlands 18th.11.07

Today at tavi woodlands saw the birth of "the tavi 45"! our own cheesey version of the dirt 1:04 lol

9 people so far with ash mullane in the leaders position with a 43 sec in the wet witha broken brake! if you think you can beat it emial me and we will elt you try ha. anyway pics:

Tuesday 30 October 2007

Pen-Yr - Heol Farm Dragon

Hi just finished sorting and editing the few photos worth trying to work with i got at this weekends race in wales (very wet wales). i arrived about mid day on the Saturday to a monsoon and river of a track that would be a SWEEEEEET track in the dry and wasn't to badly received even in the soaking wet. managed to blag a bit of floor space with Matt pinches. and a lift back with kenbot as mono had a pissy and left after 2 practice runs fed up with a speeding ticket and the rain ha. anyway .....

some photos that i feel sum the weekend up:

Monday 22 October 2007

Digi bmx plymouth street jam

Hi , long time no update as site has been down. anyway im back from a good days riding/shooting in plymouth at the bmx street jam and got some realy nice shots IMO. take a look.