Tuesday 30 December 2014

New video: RoostDH Winter 2014 - Joe Connell

I got the kind of call everyone wants to get a few weeks back. RoostDH need a video making, do you have any free days this side of new years to come and shoot a new video for us, In Malaga, Spain.

Needless to say I was pretty over the cold, wet, grey UK weather and so moved some things around and found 3 days to nip down, shoot and get home. No messing.

( Video at the bottom of the post )

Roost guide and pro rider Joe Connell rode for 3 days flat out, no crashing and no whining. Great rider to work with.
The plan was to not really have a rock solid  plan. We had a bit of a meeting the first morning over breakfast and listed what we wanted from the shoot and video, and the best spots to get it done. We then realized with only 2 and a half days shooting we where going to have to be picky.

Long days from 7am - Dark, hard work from Joe, Mal and myself but we got it done.

Kit getting sorted out after a days shoot. Lowepro bags, Manfrotto tripod, Ifootage travel carbon jib, Glidecam 2000, and some lunch.
Flying to shoots is always good fun when you have this much gear, so I had to keep it light while not compromising on getting the shots we needed.

Manfrotto tripod light enough to put in my suitcase, but sturdy enough to use with the Jib. The jib is a carbon Ifootage travel jib and is amazing. Glidecam HD2000 as its the ideal one for the GH4 and 5D3. And my carry on/camera bag the Lowepro Roverpro 35L with some special custom camera compartment so it can fit everything in. The best bag for the kind of work I do I have found.

Me looking like a right nob shooting with the jib. Notice the sweet Aspect/Spin Tee and shorts in December.

The main thing we wanted to show was how there are still new tracks out here. Its a place that everyone has known about for years, and most people have been too, but its not tired yet.

A new spot that roost has use of. Big ridge lines and rocks.The GH4 with 70-200 2.8 on shooting in 4K so we can crop in even more.

Stylish as ever and even when he has to do the same bit of track 5 times.

We hit up some jumps at the top of Mijas bike park for some air time.

All in all a busy and hectic, but very enjoyable few days shoot. it all went without a hitch, and I think the resulting video is a good watch and shows how good the riding out there is.

Thanks to Mal and Ben from RoostDH for killing it, Joe for riding faultlessly and the Spanish sun for letting me remember what summer feels like in the depths of December and only a few hours from my house in Bristol.

RoostDH Winter 2014 - Joe Connell from Aspect Media on Vimeo.


Friday 26 December 2014

Aspect/Spin apparel is born!

Here at Aspect we have been meaning to get some clothing made for ages, as long as I can remember there being the 3 cubes, we wanted them on tee shirts, and the time is finally here! 

Now a little known fact is that DMR rider/staff Olly Wilkins is also a killer graphic designer and designed our logo back when Aspect was formed. At the same time we also got him to make us a design to go on some tee shirts.

The design from Olly. Squiddin Ain't Easy. Marble print on Red.

So we had a design, the other part of the puzzle was printing the stuff. Getting good quality, small run and cheap printing done isn't easy. This is where Spinthreads.co.uk steps in to the picture.

Spin is a small clothing company run by DH rider Monet Adams and I approached her with the idea of doing some Aspect/Spin collaboration designs, and luckily she loved the designs we had and had some great ideas herself.

Prepping the screens
Getting everything ready to print the first batch.
This is all super small run stuff. For the love of it. Made by riders for riders...and camera nerds.

We get some cool tee shirts made up to wear while we shoot, to give to some of our friends and working with Spin and their web shop means we can open them up to the public and you can buy them too if you want.

In true Aspect style it was do it right, from the start so every tee shirt is hand printed, on the best quality soft tee shirts we can get. They are amazing to wear. MUCH better than the normal fruit of the loom stuff you can get everywhere.

The first ever tee. This was just the test one hence the shit tee and paint stains.
The devil is in the details and that's why every tee shirt comes with the following nice little touches.

Each tee gets the Aspect/Spin colab print on the bottom seam.
Spin arm tags sewn in.
Full individual vintage fabric neck tags

A big plus of knowning the person printing the stuff so well like we do working with Monet at Spin is being able to do really small runs of some wacky designs. Some times one offs.

So we have some nice plain, simple and clean designs and colour ways right through to some pretty wild die dye options. The blue tie dye is a personal favorite. 

Few of the different colour ways we have at the moment.
Blue ti dye, Red with Marble print, and White with black print.
Blue die dye with black print. London, Bristol, World Wide. Squiddin ain't easy!

We have had the first load out in the wild for about a month now, slowly getting them out to riders and media folk alike, as well as a few people we dont know through the Spin web shop.

Here Joe Connell runs one while out shooting in Spain the other week... ( edit out very soon by the way )

As well as that design like I say Monet has done some sweet more graphical designs based around the 3 cubes. Not too many colour ways in this one yet, but we are big fans of the marble print and big bold shapes. Check her web shop via the link at the bottom to see whats in stock at the moment.

So there we have it. Aspect might not be a clothing company just yet, but we are working closely with a really good one. At the moment its Tee shirts, but jumpers and beanies are round the corner. Its all the stuff we want to wear ourselves as we aren't really making it with huge numbers of sales in mind, but if you do want one get on the Spin web shop via the link below and get your mits on one.


Got ideas for colour ways, or designs comment below and we will see what might work...

Cheers Aspect