Wednesday 27 May 2009

20" trails Vid

Right now we are trying to get some proper leagal council built jumps/trails in our town. so i was given the job to get some video and images together of what we have to ride now... anyway monday went up to the trails with 2 of my mates and filmed this.

didnt get any second opinions on the edit before uploading but im happy with it and think it works well.

let me know what you think about it all , video is still a death slide learning curve for me at the mo.

music by La roux - bullet proof ( remix )


Ghetto Trails Tavistock from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

Monday 18 May 2009

Jaydiohead , free leagal album download!

Right another pointless post with no photos , just news i have to share.

if you like Radiohead , and like Jay z..... jaydiohead.

go on there site and download the album for free all leagal and like.

amazing stuff and im amazed its free so snap it up before they change their minds.

.... will get some photos up when i take some , bit snowed in with exams at the mo.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Great Blog post on Chase Jarvis!

Thought i would link to Chase Jarvis's blog , just put up a great post , one i love and will follow to the letter once my exams are over.


Pink bike POD

logged on this monrning for the normal check up on al things 2.0 .... and turns out one of the Harry Heath scrub shots made POD on pinkbike.

now that in its self isnt to amazing when you think how many other people get it.

BUT... my image is watermarked with my web address , and PODS normaly get 10,000 ish views in one day!

so thats gota be good publicity right ?

Saturday 9 May 2009

Spain Scrubbing Harry Heath Style , ( held back as i sent them to Dirt )

Here are some shots i have been sat on for a month or so , of Harry Heath scrubing in spain.

Had just got back from our last days riding out there , amazing day , but we had been talking about coming up to an old MTX track just behind the house and getting some scrub shots off the back of one of the burms all week. anyway went up there after sunset , and banged these out. i think they rock. sat on them for so long as i sent them to dirt and they said they liked them , then never ran them.... but i think they need to see the light of day so here they are:

Friday 8 May 2009

A level final image

This is the final image for my photo exam i have just done.

I chose the title word obscured and chose ( no supprise ) to do it on bikes, although this was the first project in the 2 year course i did on bikes so i felt it was ok to.

anyway here it is.

let me know what you think and will update this again when i have something interesting to tell you..... may be waiting a while , or a few hours...who knows !