Friday 28 August 2009

Some from a weekends shoot with Row , Ash , Stanny

Right , my site is now within sight of being up and live again... so bare with it.

Also have some stuff to come up in the coming weeks about shooting in shit weather on pinkbike and on here at the same time, photos from boardmasters ( once mag has gone to print ) , more from cearsws , some of bmxing , and some of stuff ive had published in the last few months! so once the site goes back up im gona step it up with content and updates!

Anyway , Was out at the weekend just gone shooting with mono and paul for FOFO2 as well as a promo vid for the tamar valley...was forking SHITE weather as the photos show , but the show must go on !

Anyway just a few of the shots no one wants... enjoy

all bigger on my flickr.

Any questions ask away , rip them apart if theres one you dont like , say why !

Wednesday 19 August 2009


Right first off sorry for being so shit and still not having the site sorted out!

second , was up at the nps at caersws last weekend , got some sweet photos.

there all for sale

i got some 2000 shots so if you raced and are interested in buying a full res file for £5 email me with your details ( bike , kit , number etc )

i will then email you over all the shots i got of you small , and if you like , you buy !? ha


Here is one to let you know what the sorta shots i got are like... ( i have ones of everyone racing good as , in all the spots these are taken )

Thursday 13 August 2009

Fireworks and update

For the few people that actualy read this...

my site is down , the hosting went down and i am in the process of getting it sorted.

but the man with my sites files is on his honey moon , so.... may be a week.

.... was down at boardmasters in newquay over the weekend photographing for spiked magazine , went welll , great time , GO NEXT YEAR !

will put some shots up once the mag has picked what they want.

im at the nps in wales this weekend , and mabye stopping off in wales for a few days on the way back riding/photo/filming.

anyway , last night went in to plymouth with a few mates to photograph the nat firework comp , was alright so here are the only ok few...