Sunday 25 November 2007

The "Tavi 45"

Hi me and mono organised a bit of an underground race thingy today on the tavi 45 and got a good turn out of about 25 ish riders all pinning it! was so much fun and another gona happen some time soon with uplift and better timing. ( but woodland riders members/invite only!)any way ash kept his title with a flat out 40 sec run! nuts! heres some pics and the results.

gallery ( not all pics on 45 track) :

mundane kept his lead with a savage 40 sec run!


AJ from plymouth uni on it to a 45 run!

Sunday 18 November 2007

Woodlands 18th.11.07

Today at tavi woodlands saw the birth of "the tavi 45"! our own cheesey version of the dirt 1:04 lol

9 people so far with ash mullane in the leaders position with a 43 sec in the wet witha broken brake! if you think you can beat it emial me and we will elt you try ha. anyway pics: