Friday 25 January 2008


I had an email in my inbox this eveing saying that my submision of images to was succesfull and that the editors picked some of my photos to go in to the live gallerys. photoshelter is a huge online image library where you will find a photo of anything you want.......and now im part of it. thats all.


Went out this eveing to get some shots for my as level course on the title of water and here is what i got. thats about it.

Tuesday 22 January 2008


A slideshow of some of my fav photos i have taken over the last year. please comment with whitch ones you liek most.

Monday 21 January 2008

Wales trip

Hi about 2 weekends ago i went on a shoot with mono who is making a mtb dvd at the mo ( footoutflatout on myspace ) and we went up in to the welsh valleys to shoot with alex bond and a few of his mates and matt pinches.sorry the update has been a little delayed but mags get first dibs. anyway here a few of my favs that arnt already taken.

Sunday 20 January 2008

Cann woods

Hi just got in from a wicked! days riding at cann. didnt really take anyshots , i think about 5 lol not to many. Was just having so much fun riding and sending it LARGE off the "mundane man gap" ha. over shot it a bit as i was to keen with the power wheelies :S anywho. 2 shots from the 5 mins i had the camera out. not bad , really bad noise as i was on 1600 which on my shit camera is mega bad ( dam woods , even at 2.8! ) . both taken with the sigma 50-150.