Friday 30 April 2010

Bulgaria day one...

My trip to Bulgaria begun on tursday evening, first nights sleep i had was early friday morning....

That aside this country is so backward and mad its not even funny. but the people are nice, hills are huge, tracks mint, weathers good, chair lift is..... less nice.

Few random photos from my first day, expect more riding photos tomoz

More photos on my flickr here:

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Im away! 29-5th

Im away working in Bulgaria this week with Ram Bikes.

You can still call me (i think) and i will be checking email when ever i can but if i dont respond right away thats why...

Got a weekend of shooting a video of the race, then a few days shooting and riding trails elsewhere on the mountains. will update this when i have anything of interest to share... probs tomoz evening.

Then its home for 24 hours, then the BDS Ft Bill, then home for 24 hours then WC1 in maribor... GO GO GO!

Tuesday 27 April 2010

New logo and Buisness card

Been working with James Webber from on Re branding my site slightly with a new logo and buis card.

and am stoked with how they are turning out.

here are some photos... they should work there way in to the site in the coming weeks.

Work for

Just before the First BDS at Rheola a few weeks back i was contacted by the people at about doing some work for them after each round of the series.

Anyway i wont bother explaining what it is, as once you click this link it should be pretty simple to work it out....

Sunday 25 April 2010

Brendan Fairclough training day

I spent today down at Gawton shooting WC DH pro and Sam Hills team mate Brendan Fairclough doing one of his training days.

The idea is, if you race but arnt getting on the podium, or just want to get better, go on one of these days ( that lots of pros are doing ) and they tell you there tips of the trade and you shave seconds off...

and from what the guys today proved it works, all visably faster by dinner...

Anyway This is a my blog exclusive as i dont want the photos getting to much attentions incase any mags want them (is unlikey considering what hes wearing so put some up)

Just a few of the man himself...

Few days rest and riding then off to a Ram Bikes shoot in Bulgaria for a week...!

Friday 23 April 2010

The Athertons

A few weeks ago now in the week before the first BDS i went up to north wales for the 2010 launch of team Atherton/Commencial.

All in all a good day and good to see and chat to the guys (and girl) outside a race enviroment where there all stressed and focused on winning... totaly differant feeling.

Anyway day started with a talk from them, interviews with them, tour of the team, bikes, plans etc, then few photos and chat with them.

I spent the hour or so of the talks and such wandering about inside the tent just taking photos of things as they happened.

More posed photos and the best ones are being saved back as some are running in the next MBUK so check that out when it hits the shelvs.

Anyway a simple Black and White shot of all 3 of them, and a short interview i did with Gee with a few more photos in it.

Thursday 22 April 2010

New Dolly!

If you have followed this thing for any time ( does anyone??? )

You will know i have been well in to making some home made filming toys, steady cams,cranes and a few versions of dollys...

I have spent the last few weeks getting parts, the the last few days building the new, portable, compact verision... and im pleased with it...

Old one...

This was big, heavy , a pain in the ass to carry , and only had about 2 foot of movement in it...

New one...

MUCH smaller, easyer to carry, got a tripod head for ease of adjusting angle, made it so it takes the same QR hear as my video tripod for ease of changing mid shoot, its ideal!

All i needed was:

4 pu scooter wheels off ebay - £10

Old tripod head from cheap tripod - £10

and old off cuts of wood from the shed(if bought would be about) -£20

And last a short vid of some stuff in my garden to test it out...

Friday 16 April 2010

Day in the life of Tom Deacon Video

Went live a bit sooner than expected so here it is photos in post bellow.

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Thursday 15 April 2010

Few more of Tom Deacon

Few more photos of Tom Deacon from his shoot.

The 2 days before the BDS at Rheola i was up in north wales shooting with Mythic team rider Tom Deacon for a dirt video.

Anyway got some photos while out filming, few in a post a couple back.

Edited the video today and its another peach, really happy with it just really feel good and fun, should hit dirt in a few weeks, will blog it when it goes live.

Anyway some photos, more and these bigger here:

And just a sneak Peak of what the vid will be like... few screen grabs from the footage.will try and do this for all videos that you have to wait for in future, if i can )

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Few from race day Rheola BDS

Right now i have had 24 hours at home things are getting done!

Few of the worst of the best from Rheola, the real bangers are being saved for magazines....

If you (mag,company,rider etc) want any let me know i have lots of photos from this event.

More photos and larger on my flickr:

Anyway photos:

Monday 12 April 2010

Rich Thomas Video

If you go back a few posts there are some photos of when i went up and filmed with Rich Thomas ( who did well with a top 10 at the BDS this weekend )

Anyway the video hit dirt this morning...

More Mountain Biking >>

photos etc from the BDS coming soon

Sunday 11 April 2010

BDS rd 1 Rheola, Sat update

Good day, been blessed with sun for the whole week ive been up here in wales which is nothing short of a mirracle.

Sat was good, event is slick, started to muddy for uplifts then was to dusty but all got sorted.

Normal people are looking fast with reid,cathro and gee going to do well i say...

Some photos of people i dont have to keep back...

Saturday 10 April 2010

Tom "meat" Deacon

Been up in wales the last week shooting with differant people, 2 days of it with Tom Deacon, mythic factory rider.

More photos up on my flickr here:

Few here, its 5am at BDS one and i have 5 mins left of free internet at maccyDs... so cant post em up here.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Lowe pro Flipside 500 aw

Right a few weeks ago I was sent an email from a guy called Tim at lowepro who wanted to give me a bag, i said alright...

They have put together this bag aimed at the outdoor photographer and wanted to get it in to the hands of the people its aimed at before they bring it out in a year or so for public sale.

So a few days ago now this landed on my door step, i unpacked it like it was christmas and swapped all my gear in to it.

First thoughts are its nice, well made,enough room for all the gear i have while still being compact and small, always a plus when hand luggage regulations and what your camera bag is governed by.

Well padded in side and out, as the photos show enough staps for 3 tripods, big front pocket that fits in my biggest lunch box and water bottle with ease ( or a laptop ? what ever you find more important ) its comfy and as i said in the first sentance of this just nice.

Few photos of it here, any more questions just ask away:

Monday 5 April 2010

Mt hawke Easter jam 2010

Had a few things i was mabye going to go to this weekend, rd 3 of the WR races ? NPS 4x ? but i opted for the Mt Hawke Easter jam and had a ball.

Riding was amazing as ever and got some good photos... cant put em all online as there going round the houses first. but a good few for you to look at now.

Let us know what you think, got a busy week shooting so be sure to look out for updates on all that.


Friday 2 April 2010

Rich Thomas, day in the life...

Been up in Weston Super Mare ( or sand bay just outside to be exact) shooting with UK DH rider/racer Rich Thomas.

Video will be up on dirt in a few weeks id guess so will blog that when its up, till then a bit of info on it and a few photos...

Got there Bit of HT thrashing, Then Rich had work, Then more HT thrashing, then the gym, then some DH runs... all in all a sweet day.

Anyway what your here for, some photos!