Tuesday 22 March 2011

Madison/Saracen at BDS 1 - Vid and Photos

As you will know if you look at this blog and saw the last post, I was up at BDS 1 this weekend just gone.

Working mainly for the new 2011 Madison/Saracen team.

A big new pro team with 6 riders from youth right through to both men and women's elite.

Anyway just a round up of a bit of what I shot for them over the weekend both stills and video...

The team pits sat down at the bottom of Nant G
Youth rider Phillip Atwill who took the win at Rd 1
All the team red bikes on the stands outside the pits
Jack in the rocks
The team bikes getting some TLC on Sat evening
One of the team ( cant see the number board ) in the steep woods
Harry Molloy in the top rocks pinned, look at the eyes!

Aswell and stills I am shooting a race video each weekend with how the team does, the video from Rd 1 gives you an idea of who's on the team and how they did...

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And also a bonus video for the start of the season a MTB cribs video showing you round the pretty sick team pits/truck

More posts coming up in the next few days with other stuff I have been working on...
More Mountain Biking Videos >>

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