Monday 2 November 2009

Strobed Sequences. Liferbmx team rider Sam Shelvy

Right last week i went out for a shoot one grey cold evening around 7pm with Liferbmx team rider Sam Shelvy.

He is a sick rider who i will be shooting a video with once i get a new desktop and can edit it all. so look out for that in the next month.

Right well a few weeks ago Chase Jarvis ( amazing photographer from the usa ) posted up a vid on his blog on shooting strobed sequences. now i saw this video and thought how close to those mind spinning stats i could get with my standard gear.

So i set out by testing in my room with all my flashes on all the differant powers and my camera on both high and low speed shooting. and found that with my sb800s with the extra battery on. i could get 1/4 power and keep up with 5fps.

so with that info in hand i set up a shoot and got these.

Pretty happy with them for a first time trying this stuff. somthing i will try to take to a DH shot some time soon.

Anyway the shots, any more questions just ask in the comments,email, twitter or facebook.

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