Sunday 15 November 2009

FOFO2 Premere and 2 of luke...

Right well i went to the foot out flat out 2 premere in cardiff lst night and it was bigger and better and more rowdy than last year. packed out with all the uks top boys all out to watch a great dvd (really is good huge step up on number 1) and get a few down em and get all loose on the dance floor.

Anyway just one for now as keeping the bests back for a week.

Then this afternoon went out riding my DH bike for th first time in 4 months.
and although i havnt riden the big bike in 4 months, riding park and trails on the bmx has made me somehow faster at the rough stuff aswell! so good to back on the tracks and not crawling around like a vagina on wheels.

So just gt the camera out for 5 and shot a few of luke hitting these sweet turns i made ha

Little vid of me riding , some raving , and some lightning in the next day or so...

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