Friday 13 November 2009


Right well if you have been following my LOCALS videos over the last few months then you will be familiar with what there all about.

Well i am going to be re editing a few of them, shooting a few more and putting them all together in to a short 20min to half hour long short movie which will be free to watch online.

I will put it on vimeo,youtube,pinkbike and mpora and where ever else it pops up.

It will feature a few of the south wests best up and coming riders such as: Luke Ball, Adam Price, James Matthews, Joe Samson-Hill, and a few more shoots ive yet to do....

If you want an idea of what it will be like see the trailer:

LOCALS from jacob gibbins on Vimeo.

So yeh, will be out around new years so keep an eye on the site for news about shoots as i do them and the final film.

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