Wednesday 15 June 2016

Latest work for May/June

The last few months have been pretty manic for Aspect, lots of what we have been working on wont see the light of day for a while yet but here are a few things that have hit the internet recently...

Will Weston - Imprint Grips: 

Brief: Short 1:30-2 min video showing off the product while not being too sales heavy and focusing on Wills riding. One day shoot with one filmer ( who also had to shoot some photos to go up with the video ) and as you can see the weather was far from playing ball.

Will Weston - Local Hill from Aspect Media on Vimeo.

EWS Rd 3 - Ireland 

A large part of our summer is the coverage of the EWS series, so this month it was Rd 3 in Ireland. Over the week the team out puts something like 5 videos but this is the main highlight show. 20 something minutes of race recap out within 48 hours of the last rider crossing the line. Nico Turner smashes these out the park. 


Sadly this photo is all I can show you from this all time trip that the Aspect team went on recently. Chris Seager from Aspect is working with Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough this year on a new full length film project. If you search for the #deathgripfilm on insta you can see the odd little sneak but its a black out till 2017! All time though, you just wait world! 

Hiplok FLX - Nikki Whiles

Hiplok make some pretty rad bike locks, I use mine daily. They asked us recently to help them make a film and shoot photos for the launch of their new FLX lock. So we got Welsh pinner Nikki Whiles out to the woods and made this:

Morvelo - Short Film

Over the last few weeks we have been down in Devon shooting for a new project with Morvelo. Lots of kinds of bikes and a real feel good message. Not going to be seeing the light for a good while yet but till then check out these exclusive screen shots: 

Anyway thats about it for now. Currently editing away on various projects and out in Les Gets in the Alps shooting for other ones.



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