Sunday 17 April 2016

2016 Show Reel and New web site!

For the last few years we have been in the great and fortunate position of being so busy working, we haven't had much free time to put together a new show reel. The last one we put out in 2012/13 has done us proud but it was time to put together something fresh show casing what Aspect Media can do in 2016.

We saw this as the perfect opportunity to launch our brand spanking new web site as well! Much the same as the reel we just felt the old one was a bit dated and didn't represent us as a company as well as it could so we got killer web designer and coder Tom Hallam to build us a bespoke site.

Responsive to different screen sizes and devices, clean, large images, social media icons and integration and we think an all round nice place to view our work. 

Check out a few print screens of key parts of it below or just check the site out for real via this link:

Big bold and image driven.

New reel front center. Get a taste of what we do with one click.

A hint of where half of us are based.

Nice section showing a selection of our Instagram feed for a visual peek at what we are up to currently.

Bit of back ground info on what we do and who we are.

Services we can offer you and a few of the people we have been lucky enough to already worked with.

Projects are where you can see some of the work we have been doing the last year.

The site has also been designed with mobile use in mind front and center. With so many people accessing information from their phones or tablets the site is fully responsive in real time. Try it by scaling your web browser down and watching the site morph before you eyes.

The mobile site on an Iphone. Nice and clear.

Simplified main menu for mobiles. Easy even with the fattest of fingers.

The project page for mobile is clearer and takes less hovering.
Anyways so thats the new site and reel. Hope you like them, and sorry its been down for a few weeks if you have wanted to get a look at what we do.

As always keep up to date with what we are doing via facebook, Twitter and Instagram... Links are all top and bottom of the new site. 

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