Tuesday 4 December 2012

IM NOT DEAD! ( New Site )

I am fully aware that to anyone who follows ( or did ) this blog, you must think I have died.

Well the truth is much rosier, I have just been a bit busy this summer, and keeping on top of everything, traveling and putting the odd thing up on facebook seemed to leave me with very little free time.

But, As you may have noticed, I have had a new website done!

It was much needed, and James Webber has done an amazing job. There are some new unseen images in the gallerys if you look about, some slightly revised info here and there, but the main thing is the size of the images.

Whats the point in shooting HD this, and 20 MP that when your website doesn't even show your phone photos properly...

So ... go check out the new site! 

In other news, fellow filmer Chris Seager and myself have set up Aspect Media.

We releasied that there is only so much a one man band can do , and with both of us stepping up and up, it was time we started somewhere we can work on larger projects, with higher production values both in and out of the bike industry and so Aspect Media was born.

DMR bikes rider and brand manager Olly Wilkins did the logo which has got amazing feedback, we couldn't be happier with the branding.

We are in the process of having the Aspect site built, but till then we have the facebook group up and running and are in the process of shooting our first main project.

Antidote is a full length film, and kind of Locals3 on steroids. We have both come so far in terms of what we know and gear that we are really excited what this new film can do.

Amazing Antidote logo done by Jay Robinson

Anyway, thats the 2 main things...

Have made countless videos, taken 1000s of photos and been lots of ncie places this summer, for info on that just take a flick back trough my facebook page here:




( promise ill update this thing more, so check back )

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