Monday 17 December 2012

5 things: Pitching and Pricing

I get asked a fair bit about pricing and how to go about approaching companies and magazines.

While there is no finite answer and no 100% concrete formula for it, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your life easier and your chance of getting work higher.

  • 1: Dont be scared to ask, the best way not to undercut everyone is to know roughly what other people are charging. Seems simple but as with most things in life most people arnt willing to talk about these issues.
  • 2: Only send the very best of your work. If you send through sub par work, next time your name pops up in their inbox with some honestly amazing images, they will asume they will look like the last lot. Be very self critical. 
  • 3: Work out your daily base cost, insurance, rent, food, living etc, your time. This is your base day rate. Then add on useage, this varies hugly depending on if company X wants it for a small web image or for a national add run ... then add on extras like renting gear, fuel etc ... invoice for that amount.   
  • 4: Keep emails short, to the point, polite and spelt right. I know I am one to talk but its key, check and re check all correspondence. 
  • 5: Be confident of your value and learn when to say NO! If your work is good enough, people will pay you for it, this is true in all areas of life and work. As long as you as happy your work is good enough, and ready to be marketed then its about being confident of what your asking and while a bit of negotiation is part of a lot of work, learn when to say no, some jobs are just not worth the hassle. Sadly you rarely know this till its to late.

I will do another blog post when I think of something else to write about or someone else prompts a post.


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