Tuesday 27 March 2012

Some of my new gear

Right after the post last week with the video and photos I shot on my first day with the new camera I have spent everyday since then working with it.

Its great, few little things that seem a bit weird like the punch in button being on the left side of the screen now not the top right ? But other than that its great.

I had a lot of people ask me to put up some more info on the screen shots of the footage before and after grading, on what lens's where used to shoot it, what slider I was using etc etc so this blog is to address most of those really... and as everyone loves a good gear blog don't they, being nosey and wishing...

Here's the last one I did for the rest of my gear not mentioned in this post:


So first up lets start with the bags I use.

Camera bags are something you cant really have enough of, they all do different jobs, fit different things in, are better for urban shoots, riding with , carrying all your gear, looking incognito, flying with etc etc so a few weeks back now I got a bit more involved with Lowepro. They are the biggest camera bag producer in the world so its no surprise they know whats up, and after working with them and knowing the guys involved for the last few years it just seemed the next step...

So we have:

The Nova 170 AW, great for basic kit, walking, easy access etc, the bag I took up Kilimanjaro.

See the post on that here: 


The fastpack 150 AW , great for minimal gear and riding with on rides.
The Flipside 500 AW , fits 80% of my gear in, great to ride with, tough bag.
Vertex 300 AW , the main bag, fits everything in, has everything you would ever want...
So that's the bags... between those lot I have something for anything I need and when I go away I take the Flipside as chargers/cables/computers/hard drives/spares etc and the Vertex as the main camera/lens/flashes bag...

Now Its been quite a big change for me this new camera business, not just thanks to a new camera but the fact that I made the big switch. From the Nikon camp to the Canon one, many reasons for this but the jist of it is a lot to get used to and a lot of new glass to get... so what to get!? Photo and video work, lots at races, low light etc

Canon 2.8 15mm fisheye, for biking I shoot a lot of fish stuff, its sharp, fast and just amazing...
Canon 24-105 F4 L IS , great all round lens on a full frame body, and with the IS which is a must for video...
Canon 50mm 1.8 , F1.8 and it cost £50 who doesn't have one!?
Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS , the big dog , but a must for every shooter and the IS makes video possible hand held...

As well as all that I have the 2 body's I now use, I used to use a Nikon D300s and D90 as back up, and now have a Canon 5d3 with 550D as backup... pretty good but now I have one full frame and both cameras shoot full HD video...

The only thing to get is a grip for the 5d3 but I'm going to wait for some cheap Chinese ones to hit ebay in a month or so rather than shelling out hundreds on Canons own one... 

The 5d3 on the left an the backup 550D gripped on the left
Now a few other bits of stuff I have got in the last month, a small slider for video and a magic arm...

Both are great, the slider adds a new kind of shot to the videos, slicker and higher production values, and when I saw this, light, small, fits in my bag or small suitcase for when I travel, and the magic arm to use once in a blue moon to get those kind of angles that just stand out against the crowd. I have yet to give any real time playing and testing the magic arm, but that's another blog post that is!

The Opteka slider, small, light, tripod mounted, smooth enough with a light body and lens on, and all for £100

The magic arm, bloody sketchy and will no doubt cost me a lot of money one day, but fun non the less...

Anyway that about wraps this up, I will be doing another blog post in the next day or so with a bit some of the screen shots from the 5d3 test edit to show the lens's and the grading on it and how much you can claw back with the 5d3 footage, so stay tuned for that...

Ta J


  1. what type of tripod and tripod head do you use?

  2. The Manfrotto 701 video head:


    And these legs:


  3. Which tripod is the best? 190 or 055?¿

  4. not to sure, all I can comment on is the one I have...

  5. The slider, "ok for light camera/lens" Would you consider a &D with 24-105 light enough for this.
    Secondly, how come you ditched your old DIY dolly, what advantages does this have over that?

    Cheers, I'm thinking of getting a slider but also considering having another go at a DIY dolly....

  6. the diy dolly was good but not quite portable enough and took to much time swapping camera over to it, setting it up etc to use at races which is where I am shooting most this year... I still use it on more set up shoots...