Tuesday 18 May 2010

Maribor Wc 1 !

Right, well now i have time to think, i will post something up on here for a change!

Been manic for the last 3-4 weeks with working and traveling, been in Wales,Bulgaria,Scotland,Slovenia the past 4 weeks so a lot of traveling. about 3 days solid awake spent in vans....

But all good fun, wouldnt be doing anything else to earn money.

Maribor was great, good to kick the season off with a good race, few unexpect results, some crazy weather, and a hellish track...

Ill stop ranting but all in all a good month, cant put any real ncie shots up as i have sent them to mags, but here are 4 i like and can put up.

next on the list is a shoot for dirt on the new 1:04, shoot for a new bike product launch ( at rd 3 BDS ) and the IXS... GO GO GO!

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