Wednesday 26 May 2010

Fstop Satori bag....

A few months ago now i got a supprise email from the guys at Fstop gear saying they had a space on there pro team, and had picked me to invite on to it.

I have been aware of there brand and packs since i have been shooting, and have always loved what they did,the bags and the photographers they support, so when i was given a chance to get involved in that i jumped on it.

The bag was waiting for me at home when i got back from Bulgaria just in time for Ft william and the first WC where it got a damn good test, especialy in Slovenia in all the mud and rain.

It held its own in everyway and has now become somewhat of a "need", for those of you that ride, like when you got 5-10s. you never thought you needed them, those battered old vans did the job great, then you got 5-10s and wondered how you didnt seat bounce everything. This bag is the same.

Sturdy as ken construction, pockets and straps for more tripods,spades,skis etc than you know what to do with, great internal frame system that makes it feel half its weight ( this is amazing it really is ) great padding in the HUGE camera compartment, and water resistant without any extra coat on it.

Back to the frame work, the bag i carry about at the Wcs is about 30Lb but when you put it in this bag, and put it on it feels half the weight. I dont know how it does it but it really does, I have forced some of my mocking friends to try it rather than just say yeh right, and they are all scilenced as soon as they try it...

Anyway yeh you get the drift, I like the bag, a lot.

If your thinking about getting a new camera backpack for carrying gear around in tough terrain in the elements then i dont think there is another option....

Few photos of me using the bag on a shoot i did for Dirt mag this weekend...


  1. I am thinking of buying this backpack to take it with me when I go for singletrack rides with my buddies. I want something that can carry a number of lenses, a flashgun and a tripod cause we stop and take photos during our rides.

    Do you think that this back is comfortable to use on an all-mountain bike?


  2. Hi M

    THis bag is great for riding with but it is quite big, its more of a full pack for all your gear not a bag to take on rides...

    what it sounds like you need is there new smaller pack designed with this in mind the new Tilopa or Loka...

    Ta J