Monday 8 February 2010

Woodland Riders winter series round 1

Right After a good deal of editing and uploading i now have a gallery of all photos i took at the woodland riders race on sunday up here:

If you go on there and have a look through for ones of you, if you see any either save the photo or the link to it and email me the link or photo... i will then give them an edit and email you back edited samples... if you like the look of them and want them full res unwatermarked then give me:

£5 for a full res digital copy emailed to you

and prints are:

* £10 for an A5 print
* £20 for an A4 print
* £30 for an A3 print
* larger prints on demand

Gallery Here:

and a few photos that have already had an edit to give you an idea of a before and after...

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