Monday 22 February 2010

Kustom bikes round 3 Combe Sydnham

Went up to Combe Syd on sunday for Rd 3 of the Kustom Bikes winter series to get a few photos...

Long story short All photos i got are here in a gallery:

Have a look through for photos of you, if you find one email me to the link o the homepage ( millki @ )

I will then give the image/s in question a full edit and send back edited proofs to you so you can see what they look like all made up before you buy if you desire the file.

You can get a full res file for £5 emailed to any 1 email.

The files are stunning quality and can be used to print up to A2,pc backgrounds etc etc

So thats £5 for a full size Digi file

A few finished photos so you get a jist of what the images can and will look like here:

and with some posh editing can look like these ?

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