Monday 23 March 2009

Xc and flats!

Right well for my Sports studies A level we have to be examined in 2 sports. so i picked Xc mtb as one of mine, and yesterday we went out and did the ride....

lets just say 6 hours on dartmoor , 4 flats a blow out and still didnt finish it where we wanted to.

Was great fun and a route we will do again in a few weeks when we are all free again.

But the weather was spot on ( as it has been all the last week or so )

One photo of Alex carving up a nice track down off the high moor to a resevoir:

Anyway in other news that i cant stop telling people.

Im off to spain for a week riding/shooting in south spain with dhspain on thursday for a shoot for monos next dvd.

should be SWEET , expect lots of updates on here over the next week.

And over the last week in the nice weather i have lived at some trails 5 mins from my house and got them all built up so expect to see some bmx trail shots/vid in the next few weeks.

Peace out!

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