Sunday 1 March 2009

The 2stage shoot More details and Photos

Right so last week i had a photo shoot with 2stage bikes to get some shots for there press release etc for there 2009 factory WC team being headed up by Tom Deacon.

Here is the Team with Jess Stone , Tom Deacon and Alex Powell:

Was up at 5am to drive down to the train station , then got a train up to Taunton ( from Plymouth ) then got picked up by one of the team riders...

Alex Powell:

Alex's dad is also co team manager and so was great to chat to them on the way up to the shoot.

We then met up with Pete the Boss and the rest of the team riders Jess and Tom at some services who showed us the way to the tracks.

Big Boss man Peter , who is the nicest guy you could meet and a real pleasure to work with:

( Acting as a test for my flashes ha ha )

We then got right to business and hiked up to the to of some nice mountain in mid wales/Shropshire , got some photos of the team in a few set ups (see above) , we then made our way back down the hill shooting at a few jumps , turns all the way down the track:

Tom getting LOW in a burm and kicking up some roost:

Tom scrubbing down a steep rocky bank:

Mid flight down the same bank:

We all then went to a different spot 2 Min's down the road where there where a load of nice hips and big doubles , looked so much fun to ride , and Tom was getting some huge flat tables:

Anyway that's about all really , in a nut shell , The day went well and both party's where happy with what was achieved and will with any luck be working together again in the not to distant future.

See along with a load of the other big sites for the Press release( or just a post or so back on my site )

Am off to Spain with there main rider Tom later this month so will get loads more amazing shots of him riding out there and a few vids of the trip to. so keep an eye on this site in about a month.

Anyway , Any questions about anything either email me or just comment on this blog article.

Thanks Jacob

One last one of Tom scrubbing at about Mach 10 , this is about 15Th go on my asking , ever the pro did it till it was to dark to see what he was riding when i nailed the shot as i was happy with.

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