Saturday 16 January 2016

Backcountry 2.0 with Fairclough, Reynolds and Wilkins

Yesterday a new video that Aspect helped shoot went live over on Pinkbike. Check it out via the link below: 

"So the idea for 'Backcountry' came about, back in 2014 when the S4P crew started digging at this secret spot just outside of Swindon. Covered in loam and hero dirt and all on this small yet steep hill - it was just so much fun to ride. So I went down one day and got the camera out and filmed a rough-and-ready video, which went down a storm... It's hard to make anything bad with all those boys, especially when they're all on good form and bouncing off each other, and the floor.

F**k knows why, but it took us a whole year to get together again and do another one of these edits. So, with a message from the S4P boys saying "are you free next week to come film", I dropped everything, grabbed (Chris) Seager and (Tom) Grundy, filled the car with camera gear and got down there. There were no steady cams, no jibs and very little slow-mo on the agenda, just good old fashioned simple fun with mountain bikes. The cameras were rolling pretty much non-stop because as soon as you stopped recording, someone would have a huge crash or something else wild would happen.

This edit was shot by myself and Grundy with Seager shooting bits in between trying to ride and keep up with the pros. As you will see in the video, he didn't do too badly, but not that great either ha-ha! Shout out to Grundy who killed it on the editing on this. You know it's kind of fun, doing a project like this with no client and no one to please. For this reason, I think these projects will always be lo-fi and all about the fun!

If this becomes an annual tradition, you can count me in, 100% - for the last two have been been filled with some of the memorable days. All hail the official S4P Swindon 'Loaman-Qualiceum'.

I hope you enjoyed the video and we look forward to bringing you Backcountry 3.0 next year!"


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