Tuesday 17 November 2015

Recent work from Sept - Nov

Time to breathe. The last few months have, like most months been pretty flat out here at Aspect Media. We are not complaining about that how ever, its great. Lots of great projects and ideas flying round all the time is just how we like it.

So the last post on this blog was from Whistler BC testing out the new Lowepro Whistler bag, we have now been using it day in day out for months and its still amazing, not skipped a beat. So that's that sorted then.

Since then though we have been far from quiet as this blog would suggest. So here is a quick summary of some of what we have been up to the last few months, still and video wise:

Canyon Bikes - Stitched 720

Aspect Followed the Canyon bikes slope style team round Whistler Crankworx for a week for this video launching there new bike.

EWS Finale Highlights

As you will know if you follow Aspects work we are the official film crew behind the Enduro World Series. It has been an amazing season that saw us get to a load of the best places to ride on the planet and the coverage the team we where part of has gone down really well. Nico Turner on the editing front and Cunny in front of the camera and pulling the strings, here's to 2016!

EWS Life of a Mechanic

Between the rounds of the EWS we put out videos that focus more on the teams and inner workings of the series, for this one that went out the other month we see what the life of a full time race mechanic is like. 

On Track with Curtis Keene

For the last two season RedBull and Boombox have produced the On Track series following EWS racer Curtis Keene. Aspect Media/EWS have had a big part in supplyign the series with footage, over half of the footage in each episode was filmed by Aspect and they are one of the best web series at the moment in our opinion. Great to be involved with it.

RedBull Hardline

Now Aspects hand in this is a small one but it was none the less a great project to be a part of. The camera crew on the event was as you can imagine pretty big with about 20 cameras on the hill, Chris Seager from Aspect Media was one of those camera men, plenty of his shots made it into the final cut. Lets see if it happens next year and pushes the limits even further! 

Epic TV - Under the Radar

In the last few months we put out a few episodes of the UTR series for Epic TV. This episode was with Jasper Flashman. Nice mini doc with someone who lives and breathes bikes. 

Light painting images

Shooting bikes and sports is what we do day to day but stretching our creative legs once in a while is good for the soul, with that in mind I caught up with a few other local photographers and had a good evening of light painting and produced some images that I am really happy with.

Web Shop and Stickers

Last but not least a few weeks ago we launched our web shop. A place where we can sell prints, Canvas's, Tee shirts, stickers and what ever else we end up producing.

Powered by Big Cartel so its super easy to use and secure as it gets, worth a look for presents for those people in your life who love bikes and the outdoors.

Next on the aggenda is more projects for various new and existing clients from Adverts for new 2016 products, photo shoots, events and most crucially the new much over due Aspect Media Show Reel. Expect it this year!

Cheers for reading and keeping up to date with what we are up to and as ever for the most recent news keep an eye on our facebook page here:


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