Monday 22 June 2015

Granieri brothers / Maggiora park - FOX Head

Short and sweet post exclusive to this blog thanks to Fox not being ready to release this video on all the main sites just yet. They said we could post it up on here though so enjoy!

The other week I headed out to an amazing MX1 track in Italy just outside Milan to shoot a new video for Fox Head Europe.

It wasn't moto though, Fox/Redbull rider Yannick had been invited to go out and help make a bike park on the site. A few super hard, hot days shooting for this but it came out well. Check out the video below: 

Granieri brothers / Maggiora park - FOX Head from Aspect Media on Vimeo.

Here are a few photos rad photographer Stephane Cande who was out shooting stills all week got of me working away. Excuse the wild tee shirts.

All shot on the GH4. Nice, small and good image. The ND filter got some use in that sun.

Running round like a mad man with the steady cam.

I took out the carbon jib to get some slightly more dynamic shots. Amazing this fits in my suitcase along with my tripod, steady cam, LED light panel and all my clothes, shoes, chargers etc.

Getting up close with the macro lens.

So much golden light.

It was a tough shoot on a tight schedule made even harder thanks to more time than we had planned getting the course running, and it being too hot to ride between 11am and 4pm. So three days shooting riding turned into two evenings. About 6 hours total.

Post was turned around super fast as well so the bike park could show the film on big screens at the MX1 race the following weekend to us shooting this. I worked with a good friend of mine and motion graphics wizard Ed Vosper as well to add in some nice simple text animations and a few little touches here and there.

Few weeks in the office editing some other jobs now before Aspect is back off on the EWS circus. Flat out and loving it at the moment.


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