Tuesday 21 January 2014

The Maderian adventure, photos and video

At the start of 2014 Sam Flanagan, Mark Scott and myself went out on a bit of a limb and took a trip to some where none of us, or anyone we knew had ever been before in search of some new riding, Maderia.

( This is the main edit from the trip ^ )

The trip was a huge success, we had an amazing time, met some amazing people and will be going back for sure.

Anyway, there was lots of media captured over the whole week, so here is a recap of whats already online, and where the rest of it will be in the coming weeks.

First up we put out a head cam run, the trails here took us all by surprise with how good they are and this was the perfect way to show the world what they are like first hand.

Next up we got a few still images out:

Then we got the main edit out, seeded it out to all our contacts at the leading mountain bike and cycling magazines and websites and it has had 35,000 plus views in its first week online alone.

( see top of post for the video )  

As well as shooting the video, sorting out helmet camera runs, and some photos to out alongside the online content I also shot still photos for 2 printed magazine articles for MBR and Wideopenmag , and also wrote the words for both, they will both be out within the next few months. (Thats where the best images are)

Next up for us is some jobs in the UK away from bikes, and a trip to Portugal, and then a 10 day road trip round South Africa with Monster Energy.

All go! Will try keep you up to date with some behind the scenes stuff on the Africa trip.


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