Friday 10 May 2013

DMR Sect product launch campaign

For the last month here at Aspect we have been working hard on this project. It all started after we finished the brendog Vaults pedal campaign and after that did so well, they wanted to get us involved on their next launch, the DMR Sect product launch campaign.

They got us in to shoot everything from the video, banners, still photos for the website, mini sites on websites like pinkbike, print adverts etc. start to finish everything visual ( apart from the amazing graphic design done by DMR rider Olly ) was done by Aspect. 

While some say the swearing, and the lack of riding was a brave move, the concept was strong and wanted to show how DMR really is a riders brand making stuff that has been thought through by the people that ride it hardest. Part 2 is already in the planning and will be a more normal riding edit, so don't worry you will see more of those wacky Jimmy Pratt whips.

Another big shout out on this project has to go to Josh O'Leary over at JoDesigns. He did all the motion graphics work on this edit which helps bring it to life. Motion graphics really rasie the production on any video they are in, and how ever simple take a fair bit of work to get done just right. We will be working more and more with Josh in the future so expect more cool things from the Aspect/JoDesigns thing ...

Anyway, watch the edit, go check out the products, buy some and keep an eye out for the trail and part one of our new film which will be dropping over the next few weeks.



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