Monday 2 January 2012

2011 Show Reel and Slide show...

With the passing of another year you hear everyone saying " how fast that went" " this year ill eat less,ride more" etc etc

I wont give you any of that , instead I will give you the best part of 10 mins of what made 2011 such an awesome year for me...

First off is my best of 2011/Reel

And also my slide show of still work, not easy getting it from 60,000 images to enough to get in this video, but I think it works...just...

Thanks to everyone who made this year as good as it was, everyone who shared lifts across Europe with me, was in front of my lens and rode with me along the way, To all my clients old and new, and to anyone new friends I have made.

Last year was good, 2012, should be even better!

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