Monday 12 December 2011

Locals2 - almost here....

I'm not even going to bother saying sorry for not posting on here for ages, I would love to post on here every day but I just have to much to do to keep this thing updated for the most parts ha

I will try and be better, its me not you etc etc

Anyway this is a post about the fact my second extended web video project Locals2 is almost ready to go live.

With support from Pinkbike, J-Tech and Banshee so far and a riders list including Bryceland,Hart,Dale,Bond,Wilkins etc its look good so far...

The first part should be online either tomorrow or sometime this coming week and will have sections from Bryceland and Dale, Bond and Smith and Wilkins... Anyway for a bit of media which is, I guess why your here:

Intro/trailer for Locals2 Part 1 on

That is the intro for the first part of the film which will be dropping any day now.

I am doing it in 2 parts for a few reasons, so part 1 out very soon, part 2 out Feb time ish

Have a watch and you get a rough idea what the jist of it all is...

As well as that there was also a teaser I did for Bonds section and 2 great photo story's that went up on Pinkbike here:



So yeah, keep an eye on my fb group and twitter to know as soon as its online...

Ta J

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