Saturday 23 April 2011

Few photos from BDS 1...

As most of the best photos from each race I go to get held back for print in magazines you the people of the interweb don't get to see them for a month or so after...

Anyway that time is now upon us for photos from BDS 1 that was at Nant G back in mid March...Anyway take a look at these few, and for more work from this race check out the new Dirt and the new WideOpen...



New team for 2011 the Madison/Saracen team and this is top rider Harry Molloy

Micky boswell in the steep woods

Mr Peat in the tight trees and rocks

Unknown rider speeding along the flat bottom section

Nigel Page from the new CRC/Nukeproof team

The Madison/Saracen pits

Just to prove to people it got pretty wet there...

Marc B has been on great form as of late here he is prepping in his pits

Brendog up in the rocks

Marc on track goggling up

CRC/Nukeproof team rider Joe smith getting loose

Madison/Saracen rider Jack G in the tight woods

Unknown rider up in the top steep part of the track

Josh Ratboy Bryceland pinned

North wales looking stunning....

Sweet portrait of Brendog

Joe Smith again...

Brendog and Rich Thomas Albas oiling up

Matti L pinned off the last jump in race runs...

Anyway that about wraps that up, photos from Rd 2 will be up soon enough...

Ta for looking J

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